Is your upcoming project part of a commercial or non-domestic property? 

Then you’re probably aware of the numerous stringent rules and regulations you have to follow. Including the one where you have to make sure the doors can tolerate specified temperatures.

This is where fire-rated plywood manufacturers come in to help! 



Fire doors are essential for our safety, particularly in workplaces and other public buildings. There’s a lot to learn about these doors and how they’re manufactured, so in this blog, we’ll address some of your most common questions to help you understand and appreciate their value!

Let’s start with the one that’s on top of everyone’s mind right about now 一 

What are fire-rated/retardant doors? 

A fire-rated door is specifically designed and manufactured to provide resistance to fire and its dangerous elements in the event of a fire within a property. They isolate the rooms to keep fire and dangerous smoke contained in the area where the fire has started, while also protecting occupants and contents in other parts of the building.

What are fire-rated doors made of? 

Fire-rated doors are made of materials that work together to delay or stop the spread of flames, smoke, and radiant and conductive heat transmission in certain applications. Plywood suppliers in Bangalore, like AK group’s Apple Ply, manufacture fire doors that are made from fire retardant plywood

Even after the plywood has been completely burned down, the chemical treatment embedded in it maintains its structure. Flames take more than 50 minutes to burn through a sheet of fire retardant plywood.

Where are fire doors installed? 

A fire door should be installed anywhere there is a possibility of a fire starting, such as kitchens, lounges with fireplaces, and rooms with any electrical equipment or devices. 

Why should a fire door be kept closed?

Fire doors should be kept shut to prevent fire and smoke from spreading. Propping or wedging them open jeopardises the safety of the building’s occupants, putting them in grave danger in the event of a fire.

Are fire doors and fire exits the same? 

Both fire doors and fire exits are part of a building’s regulations. A fire exit door is usually situated on the outside of a property and serves as the final exit door. Fire doors, on the other hand, are typically found internally, on stairwells, between rooms, and on front doors, with the primary goal of preventing or slowing the spread of fire.

How to stop fire doors from slamming?

Fire doors usually have springs that slam them shut. These springs/door closers can be adjusted to control the speed at which it closes. But make sure that when setting the speed, they aren’t made to close incredibly slowly as it will pose a security threat in case of a fire. 

Which is the best plywood company to purchase fire doors from? 

Fire door manufacturers that offer fire retardant doors that comply with E1 emission standards and offer properties like unique dimensional stability, termite and borer resistance, frames with strength for fitting of hinges, anti deviation resistance, etc. are the best ones. 

AK group’s Apple Ply manufactures fire-rated plywood doors that have all the above properties are more. If you’d like to make a purchase or enquire more about fire retardant doors, reach out to us and get a quotation now

Dr Prashanth MA
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