When you have varying options for the kitchen type, the material you will use in the construction of the kitchen cabinets strongly determines its durability and appearance in the future. Among the currently popular materials for the construction of kitchen cabinetry is PVC plywood. 

This form of material is a blend of PVC and plywood, which is specifically designed to accommodate most of the beneficial characteristics of both materials. In this blog, we will be looking at the advantages and disadvantages of plywood kitchen cabinets so you can make the best choice for your next kitchen remodel. 


What is PVC Plywood? 

PVC plywood is a kind of engineered wood product which is composed by a PVC material in the middle and four sides with a plywood skin. This combination makes an end product that is quite hardwearing, non-porous, and visually appealing, all qualities that make it suitable for use in constructing modern kitchen cabinets .


Pros of PVC Plywood Kitchen Cabinets 

Here are the advantages of PVC plywood kitchen cabinets:


1. Water Resistance

  • Advantage: As for the practicability, PVC plywood is water and moisture proof, which can be considered as the most important factor in the case of the kitchen where splashes of water are unlikely to be avoided.
  • Impact: It prevents the swelling, warping and rotting of this property, hence retain the quality of the cabinets for a longer period.


2. Durability 

  • Advantage: The blending of PVC and plywood make it an attractive material that can stand the rigors of operations that take place in the kitchen.
  • Impact: PVC plywood shelves are not easily scratched, dented, or damaged by other mishaps, so the cabinets are likely to remain as they were for a longer time.


3. Ease of Maintenance 

  • Advantage: The cleaning process of the PVC plywood cabinets is moderate. They can be cleaned with a wet cloth and mild soap to retain their appearance that is as if they are newly produced.
  • Impact: This makes them ideal for families or households that may not have the time or the energy to maintain high-maintenance flowers.


4. Aesthetic Appeal 

  • Advantage: Different types of PVC plywood are easily available in the market. They are also available in different shades, surface finishes, and textures so they can blend with the colour of the kitchen.
  • Impact: This versatility assists the homeowners in getting the contemporary look that’s associated with modern kitchens and their general architecture.


5. Termite Resistance 

  • Advantage: The PVC plywood is immune to termite attacks, unlike the normal wooden plyboard.
  • Impact: This helps extend the life span of the cabinets and cuts down on the pest control measures that may be necessary occasionally.


6. Cost-Effective 

  • Advantage: Hence, the price of PVC plywood could be considered relatively high, but at the same time, the plywood is quite durable.
  • Impact: This makes it a cheap option when you want quality kitchen cabinets that will last for a long time.


Cons of PVC Plywood Kitchen Cabinets 

Here are the PVC cupboards disadvantages:


1. Limited Heat Resistance


  • Disadvantage: The uses of PVC plywood should mention that it can blister or change its colour when exposed to heat for instance, heat from the sun for a long time.
  • Impact: This makes it unsuitable for areas close to stoves or ovens unless proper insulation is applied to the stove or oven surface.


2. Environmental Concerns 

  • Disadvantage: It is an extremely versatile material of the plastic variety, and this product has damaging effects on the natural environment during its manufacturing process and its destruction.
  • Impact: This is a major concern to homeowner, particularly those who value the environment and desire to fix their homes with green products.


3. Chemical Sensitivity 

  • Disadvantage: PVC plywood may sometimes be vulnerable to some chemicals put in aggressive cleaning solutions.
  • Impact: This requires use of appropriate cleaning products in order not to cause more harm on the cabinets surface.


4. Initial Cost 

  • Disadvantage: While inexpensive in the long run, the initial expenses to have PVC plywood cabinets cost more than using the more common material like particleboard.
  • Impact: This could be a challenge to the affordable renovators since it will be an added cost they will incur while renovating the house.


5. Aesthetic Limitations 

  • Disadvantage: Depending on the type, configurations, and variety, PVC plywood presents a number of appearances, yet it does not have the same finish as solid wood.
  • Impact: This might be a disadvantage for the homeowners who want a natural look of the wood on their properties.


6. Installation Complexity 

  • Disadvantage: It may also be more difficult and may be necessary to hire the help of a professional to install PVC plywood cabinets.
  • Impact: This contributes to the overall cost and time to renovate kitchens hence it may become a significant concern as will be discussed later.

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Choosing the Right PVC Plywood Cabinets 

PVC plywood kitchen cabinets present a balanced mix of sturdiness, moisture resistance, and affordability, making them a famous choice for many homeowners. However, it is critical to weigh these PVC plywood advantages and disadvantages, which include environmental impact and heat sensitivity. 

When deciding on kitchen cabinets, do not forget your specific needs and preferences to make sure the best suit for your home. For the ones looking to explore high-quality PVC plywood options, AK Apple Ply offers more than a few reliable and aesthetically pleasing solutions. Find the perfect match for your home today.

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