Key Features Of MR Grade Ply

Moisture Resistant

Dimensional Stability

Termite Resistant

Highly Durable & Longevity


Moisture resistant (MR) grade plywood is best used for making interior furniture like wardrobes, doors, wall panelling, cabinets, etc. This plywood is unaffected by moisture and humidity, hence the name MR grade plywood. MR grade is widely used in hot humid regions and tropical areas. The use of melamine Urea Formaldehyde resin as an adhesive to secure the different layers of veneers makes it highly resistant to moisture. MR grade plywood offers high dimensional stability and is devoid of uneven changes in different parts of the wood due to moisture, also known as, wood wrapping. When manufacturing they are made termite and borer resistant, so you needn’t worry about termites weakening your furniture.

Another category of this plywood is MR BWR plywood which stands for boiling water-resistant plywood. These plywood last longer under moisture and water contact regardless of the duration. So if you’re looking for waterproof wood MR BWR plywood will be the better option. Check out AK group’s BWR plywood we’ve got the best products made from quality raw materials



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    Is MR Grade Plywood waterproof?

    MR grade is only moisture/ humid resistant hence doesn’t do well with water. BWP (boiling water resistant) plywood or PF (phenol bonded) or marine plywood are water-resistant.

    What is the price range for MR grade plywood?

    The standard price range for commercial plywood is Rs 40- Rs 90 for 19 mm Boards.

    Is MR grade plywood good for making interior furniture?

    It is suitable for making home and office furniture that aren’t in constant contact with water. For example kitchen rooftops, doors, cabinets, file cabinets, chairs and tables.

    Why does wood wrapping occur?

    When the wood changes shape unevenly due to moisture content in different parts, it is called wood wrapping. MR grade plywood is devoid of wood wrapping.

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