Key Features Of Hardwood Flush Doors

Resistant to moisture

Dimentional Stability

Termite Resistant

Extra Durability & Devoid to Wrapping


Wooden flush doors are made with simple designs on either side. Their surface is made to be so smooth that when water is splashed on its surface, it simply flows off without accumulating. The wooden flush door designs are made to cater to functionality rather than style.


AK plywood wooden flush door manufacturers sandwich plywood or blockboard over a light timber frame. The hollow part between these doors is filled with hardwood timber and is vacuum press treated. The core is framed with finger-jointed hardwood battens for straightness and dimensional stability which are then supported by a layer of cross bands and face veneers. Phenol-formaldehyde resin and permanent type of preservatives are used to bond these parts under high pressure and temperature. We offer a variety of sizes ranging from 25mm to 55mm in thickness and superior IS 2202 and ISO 9001 certified products.

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    Are flush doors durable?

    Wooden Flush doors that have a hardwood interior are extremely durable.

    What kind of wood is used to make flush doors?

    AK plywood wooden flush doors are sandwich plywood or blockboard over a light timber frame. The core is made of hardwood for durability.

    What is the wooden flush door price range?

    According to industry standards, flush doors cost around ₹60 – ₹160 / square feet.

    Are flush doors waterproof?

    There are different types of materials used to make flush doors, most of these are water-resistant. Additionally, the polish/paint or laminate on the door surface makes them water-resistant.

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