Highly sought-after for its anti-skid properties, chequered plywood by AK group’s Apple Ply is made with various densities that range from 0.845 to 1.2gm/cm3 and comes with a 5 year* warranty. Being the best plywood company, we supply structural plywood that is further densified, compacted, and toughened in a state-of-the-art plant with a 3500 tonne (Compreg) hot press. 

In addition to superior quality control production procedures, we allow the pressed plywood-veneer assembly to cool down in the press to improve its superb properties for essential applications. Some of its properties include its resistance to wear and tear, as well as warping and twisting, and its resistance to termites, fungus, rot, and other harmful factors. It is also easy to cut, route, screw, and groove and is used mostly in bridges and flooring of heavy automobiles such as buses and trucks. 



10ft x 5 ¼ ft, 10ft x 3ft, 9ft x 5ft, 8ft x 5 ¼ ft, 8ft x 3ft, 8ftx 2.66ft (32 Inches), 5ft x 5 ½ ft.



What is the price of chequered plywood?

The pricing is determined by the thickness and material used;contact usfor a price quote on chequered plywood per square foot.


Where can chequered plywood be used?

Although known for its use in the automobile and transport sector, chequered plywood is also used in home interior designs, bathroom floorings, walls, bridges, etc. 

Key Features Of AK/Apple Ply Chequered Plywood

  • Resistant to wear & tear

  • Resistant to warping & twisting

  • Resistant to termites 

  • Hardwood core 

Get quality chequered plywood from the best commercial plywood manufacturers!

Size : 10ft x 5 ¼ ft, 10ft x 3ft, 9ft x 5ft, 8ft x 5 ¼ ft, 8ft x 3ft, 8ftx 2.66ft (32 Inches), 5ft x 5 ½ ft.

Thickness : 12-35mm

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