What is Chequered Plywood and What Are Its Uses?

Chequered Plywood

Have you ever noticed the criss-cross patterns on bus or truck floorings? Those are made of chequered plywood

Chequered plywood has long been used in the transportation industry as it is known for its anti-skid properties. Because of this feature, walking in a moving vehicle is no longer as dangerous as it used to be. 

Due to its highly desirable, anti-skid property and several other uses, commercial plywood manufacturers across the country offer this type of plywood in different densities and sizes. AK Group’s Apple Ply manufacturers, being one of the best. Before we get into the applications this type of plywood has to offer, let’s take a closer look at the properties and features of chequered plywood. 

Properties of chequered plywood

  •  Hardwood core to ensure strength and durability 
  •  Surface  covered in diamond checks to prevent skidding 
  •  Manufactured using superior grade phenolic resin
  •  Resistant to water and tough weather conditions 
  •  Soundproofing properties 
  •  Impact-resistant 
  •  Resistant to wear and tear
  •  Resistant to warping and twisting 
  •  Termite and borer resistant 
  •  Lightweight and dimensionally stable  
  • In comparison to steel or aluminium, it is easier to cut, screw and groove during installation. 

Applications of chequered plywood 

As mentioned earlier, the anti-skid property of chequered plywood makes it highly desirable in the construction of bridges and flooring of heavy transport like buses and trucks. Its resistance to corrosion and moisture also helps it maintain a clean look. 

Besides its use in the transport and automobile industry, it is also used in the following areas 一 

  • Home interior designs 
  • Bathroom floors 
  • Floorings in industrial areas 
What is Chequered Plywood and what are its uses?

In conclusion, chequered plywood is not only used for its anti-skid properties but also for its design and durability. If you’re looking to purchase high-quality chequered plywood from the best plywood suppliers in Bangalore, check out AK Group’s Apple Ply. 

AK/Apple Ply chequered plywood is available in densities that vary from 0.845 to 1.2gm/cm3. We also guarantee a 5-year warranty regardless of the size and thickness. Furthermore, our chequered plywood is further densified, compacted, and toughened in a state-of-the-art plant with a 3500-tonne (Compreg) hot press. 

About AK Plywood 

AK Group’s Apple Ply is one of the best plywood manufacturers in India. Committed to advancement and innovation, we strive to supply a wide range of wood products, be it MDF or pine blockboards. All of our items are manufactured from high-quality wood products such as Eucalyptus, or Gurjan. We also place a high value on the environmental stewardship of our processes, which is why we exclusively source FSC-certified wood and CVI-certified green materials and are a prominent member of the Indian Green Building Council. 

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Prof Dr. Prasanth MA is the director of AK GROUP/ Apple Ply, one of the largest manufacturers in South India of plywood and allied wood products. He has over 25 years of experience in the plywood industry. He is also the Vice President of the South Indian Plywood Manufacturers Association (SIPMA).

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