Why Should You Use Termite-Proof Plywood?


While starting the journey of building a new home, renovating an existing space, or simply renewing your furniture, the first thing you look for is, quality. However, one key challenge that most homeowners face is the threat of termite infestations. Termite-proof plywood, also known as termite-resistant plywood, is a rather special plywood to withstand the menace caused by termites and other wood-boring insects. 


Do you want to avoid this problem once and for all? And do you want to protect your furniture from costly repairs and endless structural damage? Then choosing termite-proof plywood would be a wise investment!


Watch us unveil everything you need to know about termite-proof plywood to build home furniture and flooring!


Top 7 Termite-Plywood Benefits for Home Furniture:

1. Premium Appearance:

Home Furniture made of termite-proof plywood is not only a protective element to your furniture but also presents a premium and rich appearance to your home. A premium appearance backed by protective qualities is indeed a combo you cannot miss.

2. Longevity:

This high-quality plywood keeps the design intact and fresh for up to 5 years, ensuring that your furniture remains attractive and retains its function for many years. It’s not just any investment, it’s a wise long-term investment.

3. Pest Resistance: 

Annoyed by wood-boring pests and carpenter ants, along with termites? This plywood offers protection against all sorts of pests. The chemical treatment applied to the plywood acts as a deterrent that prevents pests from infesting and damaging your furniture, ensuring it retains its beauty for a long period. 

4. Cost Effective: 

For those who have suffered from termites in their house, know how much impact it has on the furniture. It can lead to a small replacement or replacement of your entire home decor in a matter of a few years or even months.


Termite-proof furniture is a cost-saving solution, as it reduces the need for frequent repairs and replacements and saves your pocket’s burden in the long run.

5. Protection from Environmental Factors:

Due to its certified EO level emission of formaldehyde, this plywood proves to be the most secure and safe option for humans to be surrounded with. Additionally, it also includes a coating that protects the wood from water and moisture, ensuring the wood remains resilient under various conditions. 

6. Low Maintenance:

AK Apple Ply’s termite resistant plywood requires minimal maintenance. There’s no need for regular inspections to ensure they are safe from termites, as AK Apple Ply’s plywood does not demand constant attention.


Want to opt for a stress-free lifestyle? Then choosing India’s best plywood brand would help you turn this dream into a reality. 


7. Peace of Mind: 

Isn’t it the best feeling to dicover that you have no termite infestations to worry about once you invest in termite-proof plywood? That’s right, investing in such plywood gives you the assurance that your furniture will remain in excellent condition for numerous years.

Top 4 Termite-Plywood Benefits for Flooring Materials :

1. Moisture resistance: 

Thanks to the enhanced resistance qualities of termite-proof plywood, it acts as a powerful barrier against water and moisture. This makes it an ideal choice for spaces where dampness is a major concern, for instance, bathrooms and basements.


You can now enjoy beautiful, durable floors that fight against humidity with ease!

2. Boiling Water Proof (BWP):

Another key benefit of termite-proof plywood is its BWP qualities. Your floors can now remain intact and uniform, even when exposed to boiling water or high moisture levels. 


This plywood gives you the chance to say goodbye to warping and delamination of your floors!


3. Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal:

Besides providing protection against pests, this specific plywood has an attractive and vibrant look that makes any place look pleasing to the eye. 


Available in a variety of stunning finishes, termite-proof plywood offers flooring that perfectly matches your preferences, bringing your home’s flooring vision to life.


4. Increased Property Value:

You can make your home irresistible to buyers by using termite resistant plywood that provides features like minimal maintenance, stylish appeal, and long-lasting floors. This contributes significantly to increasing the value of your property and makes it an investment that pays off well when it’s time to sell.


Practical Tips for Choosing Termite-Proof Plywood:

1. Opt for Genuine Certifications: 

Ensure the plywood has genuine ISI marks for BIS certification that qualifies the required standard. 

2. Prioritize Low Emission Levels: 

Always select plywood with low formaldehyde emissions for a healthier and more secure environment. Such plywood ensure breathability and foster a toxic-free environment.

3. Ensure Complete Protection: 

Choose plywood that offers 100% protection against borers and termites. It’s advisable to opt for brands known for their pest-resistant treatments.

4. Verify Manufacturer’s Reputation: 

Check reviews and ratings for the manufacturer’s reliability and only go for those who have a long-standing reputation in the plywood industry.


Visit India’s best plywood brand and join the ranks of the smartest individuals in making the best plywood choices.


Free Your Furniture from Termites with India’s Best Plywood Brand


Fight the termites and protect your furniture and flooring with a wise investment like termite-proof plywood. The benefits are clear, from pest resistance, cost effectiveness and low maintenance to its exceptional advantages catering to both furniture and flooring! Give your house the best foundation by choosing durable furniture and long-lasting floors.


Ready to make the best choice awaiting your home? Visit AK Apple Ply today and get your hands on the best quality plywood you could have ever asked for! 


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is AK Apple Ply’s plywood termite-proof?

Absolutely! AK Apple Py’s termite-proof plywood is specially engineered to protect you from termites and other harmful pests. Our ISI-certified plywood ensures durability, toughness, and safety, thereby, eliminating worries of termite damage. 


2. Which materials are termite-proof?

Termite-resistant woods include cedar, teak, Mahogany, redwood, etc. These materials naturally possess termite repellents within them and offer lasting protection.


3. Is laminated plywood termite-proof?

While laminated wood can still be prone to termite attacks, it’s a rare occurence. However, its best to do complete lamination as even one termite attack can destroy your furniture entirely.


4. Is termite-proof plywood expensive?

Not significantly! As termite-proof plywoods are human safe and is certified EO, it might cost more than normal plywood but there won’t be a huge difference. That slight increase in the price is indeed an investment that provides long-term peace of mind. 

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