BWP (Boiling Water Proof) plywood is a specialized form of marine plywood designed to withstand exposure to water and extreme weather conditions. It is made from high-grade hardwood veneers and special waterproof adhesives to prevent decay and fungal growth. 

Why is BWP-Grade Plywood So Special?

BWP plywood is preferred in commercial as well as residential projects because of its superior moisture-resistant properties and robust build. It provides durability and longevity in challenging environments, making it a reliable choice for furniture in bathrooms and kitchens.  

With so many benefits, let’s look at where to source BWP plywood from. This blog explores the top 10 BWP plywood companies in India. 

Which are the Top 10 BWP Plywood Companies in India?

This guide showcases the best BWP plywood companies in India.

1. Century Plywood

A popular name in the industry, Century Plywood has been providing quality plywood for decades. This company is known for its excellent quality wood products and durable ply. It also offers users a wide range of designs and customizable options. 

2. Greenply Industries

Well-known for high-grade BWP plywood and allied products, Greenply is another prominent player in the Indian plywood market. It has also come out with E0, India’s first zero-emission plywood. 

3. AK Apple Plywood

AK Apple Ply is a leader in India in wood engineering products. Their BWP plywood sets the industry standard. They have versatile applications, are water-resistant, and are elite in quality. AK Apply Ply also provides customizations for their customers. 

4. Goldwood Industries

Goldwood offers multiple wood engineering products such as BWP, Shuttering, and MR-Grade plywood. It is recognized for providing premium quality ply for an array of different projects and uses. 

5. Kitply Industries

A trusted plywood company for over three decades, Kitply sells decorative plywood products for home and office projects. Their stylish BWP plywoods are catered to customers who want to elevate the aesthetic and decor of their space.  

6. Solid Ply

Solid Ply came from humble beginnings as mere plywood traders back in 1975. Since then, they have expanded to establish themselves as one of India’s leading plywood companies. Their manufacturing hub in Visakhapatnam offers easy access to transport facilities, allowing their products to reach all corners of India.

7. Sylvan Plywood

The name Sylvan is synonymous with trustworthiness and premium quality. A leading plywood and blockwood manufacturer, Sylvan prides itself on always using the latest technological advancements in the wood engineering industry. 

8. Austin Plywood

Austin Plywood manufactures products that are applauded for their durability and longevity. Their BWP plywood is thicker than plywood from other companies and is typically designed for heavy-duty use in factories. 

Moreover, their ply products also come with an anti-germ coating to prevent infestations. 

9. National Plywood Industries

National Ply is a well-established name in the Indian plywood industry. It boasts an incredible range of affordable plywood products, including BWP plywood for home and commercial projects. They typically make furniture using solid materials such as Meghalayan pinewood and hardwood.

10. Duroply

Duroply is a pioneer when it comes to interior plywood offerings. Their stylish BWP plywoods have gained users’ trust through chic designs and consistent performance. For a fashionable and sustainable plywood aesthetic, Duroply is the choice for you.   


Buy the Best BWP Plywood For Your Needs!

The Indian plywood industry is home to many prominent players. But it is essential you select your BWP plywood carefully, depending on your project. Contact AK Apple Ply and discuss your unique requirements. With various elegant yet affordable plywood options, AK Apple Ply can help you with all your needs.

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