Using wood for bathroom furniture might seem like a risky choice but it’s not as unreasonable as it sounds. It gives the room greater aesthetic value and makes it look more expensive. Aside from that, engineered wood, such as plywood, is available in a variety of finishes to suit a variety of styles, ranging from warm minimalism to transitional modern. To put it another way, plywood can accommodate whatever look or feel you prefer.



However, whether plywood can be used in bathrooms is an issue that needs to be answered. And even if it can be used, what kind of plywood should you use in a room that is constantly exposed to water? The answer is simple. Water-Resistant Plywood

What Is Waterproof Plywood? 

Waterproof plywood, as the name implies, can withstand being exposed to water without being damaged. This plywood is also known by other names like BWP (boiling waterproof plywood) and/or marine plywood. 

In accordance with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) all BWP plywood that meets Indian standards will have the IS 710 label on them. So make sure you keep an eye out for the ISI label with the 710 specification number when shopping for BWP plywood. 

Currently, different types of waterproof plywood are available in the market. They come in varying lengths, widths and thicknesses. Hence, it might be hard to differentiate it from other plywood grades. Listed below are some of the key properties of waterproof plywood (BWP) to help you differentiate it from the rest. 

Key features of Waterproof Plywood (BWP/Marine plywood)

  • Melamine glue and phenolic glue are the glues used in BWP plywood. These adhesives are the main reason for its resistance to water
  • The plywood’s anti-warp features are obtained through a specific stress-relieving treatment, which ensures that it remains dimensionally stable in both dry and wet situations.
  • To protect it from termites and bugs, it is chemically treated with specific preservatives.
  • It is perfect for boat and shipbuilding because of its resistance to boiling water, moisture, dry heat, and adverse climatic conditions; hence the name marine plywood.
  • Besides being waterproof, it can also tolerate years of wear and tear.
  • Gurjan wood, as well as other common Indian varieties of timber, can be used to make waterproof plywood.

With all these features wrapped into one, the BWP plywood/Marine plywood is the perfect waterproof plywood for the bathroom. It can also be used for kitchen furniture or any other external application that is continuously exposed to water and is subjected to harsh weather. 

If you’re looking for ISI approved BWP/Marine plywood, visit our website and select from the many choices available. AK Group’s Apply ply are one of the best waterproof plywood manufacturers in India. Our products are ISI certified and meet E1 formaldehyde requirements, ensuring you get only the best. 

Dr Prashanth MA
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