Are you looking for a wood product that works well in kitchens, closets, AND  bathrooms? Something with features like high density and moisture resistance that also protects your interiors against termites and bugs?



Look no further! All of these requirements can be met by using HDHMR boards. HDHMR stands for high density high moisture resistance board and it provides exactly that. Its unmatched quality and numerous applications have revolutionized the Indian interior design industry to such an extent that most commercial plywood manufacturers are starting to incorporate this material into their collections. 

But what makes it so popular and desired by architects and designers across the country? Keep reading to find out.

An HDHMR board is made using a homogenous manufacturing process that combines fibre chips and forest wood waste. The fibre chips are pressed together to form a single layer, after which small amounts of wood are removed to create a more sturdy board with higher density. 

Now that you have a basic understanding of how HDHMR boards are manufactured, here’s why you should consider using them in your construction projects.

Properties of an HDHMR Board 

  • Higher screw holding strength because of its uniform density gradient and compact core
  • High density owing to the hardwood and special glue pressing technique used in its manufacturing process
  • Chemically treated making HDHMR boards termite-proof and borer resistant 
  • Tougher than plywood 
  • Environmentally friendly because it is made from fibre chips taken from plantation trees, agriculture waste and 95% of forest wood waste
  • Does not cause splinters or chipping 
  • Higher resistance to water compared to plywood due to its multi-dimensional bond with single layer glue architecture
  • Its zero bubble finish adds enhanced aesthetic value the to finished product
  • Since it is made of wood chips/fibre or peeled trunk, it costs half of the other materials in the industry 

Applications of HDHMR boards 

These boards are mainly used where moisture resistant and mould wooden boards are required. They can be used in the construction of 一 

  • Kitchen cabinets 
  • Doors 
  • Floorings
  • Closets 
  • Outdoor fixtures 
  • Shelves 
  • Panels 
  • As a substitute for flush doors, and more. 

The fact that HDHMR boards have so many unique features and can be used for so many different things is why they are so popular. They may even begin to take the place of plywood in kitchen furnishings and laminated flooring. If you haven’t yet made up your mind about using HDHMR boards, it’s high time you do.

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Dr Prashanth MA
Director at AK Group/Apple Plywood | + posts

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