Thanks to the advancement in technology, plywood has been the best thing that has happened to the furniture industry. It has garnered quite a reputation because of its flexibility, stability, ease of assembling, and load-taking capacity. This is why most wardrobes, closets, shelves, and kitchen cabinet makers usually prefer plywood over other materials. The application of plywood has grown to such an extent that your modern-day dream house cannot be imagined without it. One other thing that cannot be imagined is a fire-related accident in your dream house! Fortunately, there is a solution to protect your dream home from catching fire – Fire Retardant Plywood. 

What is Fire Retardant Plywood?

A spark can start a fire and before you know it; your dream house can be reduced to a pile of ash. It’s not just your interiors but also your loved ones who can be on the receiving end of a blazing disaster. This is where Fire Retardant Plywood’s fire-retardant chemicals come in handy. Its low flammability, low rate of burning, and higher flame penetration time is everything that can keep you, your belongings, and dear ones safe. Fire-rated exterior plywood prevents fire from spreading, providing enough time to stop it before it can get out of control.

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Advantages of Fire-Retardant Plywood

Completes Modern Buildings

IS 5509 – Type 4 fire-rated plywood is useful in almost all modern buildings such as homes, restaurants, schools, hospitals, etc.

Lightweight Material

Plywood is usually considered one of the strongest materials. However, its light weight will surprise you. Fire-rated exterior plywood  could be  a tad bit heavier when compared to other plywood, but they are still lighter in weight and  easy to move.

Provides Ample Time to Escape Fire Dangers

In case of a fire accident, wooden furniture usually acts as fuel to the fire as they burn quickly, making it impossible to escape the space. Fire-resistant chemicals present in fire-retardant plywood react to the heat to delay the fire’s spread. The additional escape time provided by fire-retardant plywood can differ from company to company. Explore one of the most trusted fire-rated plywood brands!

Low Smoke Generation and Low Emission

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. In an event of a fire accident, the emission of smoke and other harmful gases can cause extreme suffocation. Fire-retardant plywood is known to generate low smoke emissions — making it the perfect choice for your project.

Cut to perfection

One of the many advantages of Fire retardant plywood is that they are easy to cut and size. Due to its cross-layered structure, plywood does not split easily as any other solid wood does. With fire-rated plywood, you can be sure of getting just the perfect fit for your projects.

Fire accidents can happen anytime, anywhere! While you may not have all things in your control to prevent these accidents from happening in the first place, you can still be proactive in protecting your structure. We are one of the leading fireproof door manufacturers in India. Our fire retardant plywood meets IS 5509 Typen4 standards and provides the below benefits:

  • The tendency to spark and ignite is minimal
  • Low flammability and minimal smoke generation
  • Greater flame penetration time
  • Reduces insurance costs
  • Saves lives

To learn more about the many benefits and practical uses of fire-retardant plywood, reach out to our expert team at AK Group’s Apple Plywood. Over the years, we have worked on a diverse list of projects for some highly reputed clients. You can view our work here. Or get a free quotation now! 

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