Calibrated Plywood is the most advanced type of plywood available in the Indian market. “What is calibrated plywood?”. If you have this question in mind, know that it is crafted using high-end machines to ensure its uniform thickness and size. Its uniformity makes an ideal fit for creating aesthetically pleasing and highly functional modular furniture. If there is one type of plywood that the kitchen manufacturers adore, it is calibrated plywood!

How Do You Make Calibrated Plywood?

Calibrated ply manufacturing process adheres to the benchmark quality expected by kitchen manufactures. It is manufactured by two-stage processes. 

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The first step of the manufacturing process involves a two-way hydraulic hot press of the assembled core veneers without a face to make them. The veneers are then sent for calibration in an imported calibrated machine, to get uniformly thickened plywood. It is then repressed again with a face to get a perfectly finished calibrated plywood. Some manufacturers also rely on sanding machines, glue spreaders, and more to get the desired result. 

Learn more about our calibrated plywood manufacturing process here.

Advantages of Calibrated Plywood

  • Unmatched quality
  • Excellent engineering
  • Uniform thickness at all ends
  • Precise finishing
  • Super-smooth surface 
  • Ensures super-strong bonding as the adhesive is applied uniformly
  • Evenness throughout
  • Available in a variety of faces like white recon, makai, okume and gurjan, etc. 
  • Zero core gaps
  • Ideal to use thin HPL (laminates) like 0.6mm & 0.7mm.

Primary Uses of Calibrated Plywood:

  •  Calibrated Plywood is one of the celebrated plywoods used in creating modular furniture and modular kitchens.
  • The super smooth surface makes it ideal for post lamination and post-forming for making furniture.
  • Unlike other plywood, there is no unevenness or warping as Calibrated Plywood is renowned for its uniform thickness.
  • They deliver high tolerance which makes them an excellent fit to be used in high-functional spaces like  kitchens.
  • A great option for wooden flooring and wooden shutters, sofas, and tables.

A crucial element of designing beautiful homes and offices is to find the best plywood in the market. That’s where calibrated plywood comes into the picture. 

How to Choose The Perfect Plywood With The Right Calibrated Plywood Specifications?

There are many manufacturers out there in the market who would make tall claims about their calibrated plywood. To make sure you don’t fall for their false charm, focus on the following things:


Don’t fall for the ‘’cheap and best’’ marketing gimmick used by most brands. The most important thing is to make sure you check the quality of the plywood. If it’s not of superior quality, find something which is.


This is easy. Calibrated plywood is known for its uniform thickness. You need to check whether the plywood is uniformly thick or if there is any difference. Remember, the thickness of the plywood helps in making the furniture easily.

Techniques Used

Calibrated plywood is now being manufactured using modern technology. Understand the machinery used in the development and the techniques applied to give the finishing to the plywood. Pro-tip: If the finishing on the plywood is meticulous, you can put your worries about its techniques to rest.

After-sales Service

The service provided by a company doesn’t end with your purchase. Understand the after-sales service provided by companies so that if there is any problem after the purchase, you can consult the company to resolve it.

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