If you wish to build furniture or renovate your house or office space, then you probably are on the lookout for the best plywood on the market. With several types available, each differing in durability, grade, and aesthetic, choosing one can be difficult. 

This blog covers BWP-Grade IS-710 Plywood and why it could be the most suitable for you.


What Is BWP-Grade IS-710 Plywood?

BWP-Grade IS-710 Plywood is a classification of the most popular type of plywood available in India. It is a remarkable innovation in the realm of engineered wood products. “BWP-Grade” and “IS-710” are actually acronyms. 


1. BWP-Grade

This stands for “Boiling Water Proof”. When it comes to wood products, water is like poison. It can lead to decay, rot, and even termite infestations. BWP signifies that the plywood is marine grade, unlike conventional plywood sheets.

This specialized grade plywood gives unparalleled resistance to water and moisture and doesn’t suffer any quality loss in wet environments. This makes building shelves and cabinets very useful in kitchens and bathrooms. 


2. IS-710

IS-710 is a grading acronym for plywood set by the Bureau of Indian Standards. The ‘IS’ means “Indian Standard,” and the number “710” stands for the specific standard code for BWP plywood. 

To be designated as IS-710, the plywood must undergo thorough testing to assess whether it is water resistant, durable, and meets the overall quality specifications. If plywood is classified as “IS-710”, it is an assurance of its suitability for applications in water-heavy settings.


What Are The Advantages of Using BWP-Grade IS-710 Plywood?

Here are a few advantages that explain why BWP plywood is one of the most preferred and popular plywood sheets in India. 


1. Waterproof and Moisture-Resistant Plywood

BWP-Grade IS-710 is the leading choice for waterproof plywood in India. It is designed specifically to withstand prolonged water and moisture exposure and can withstand temperatures up to boiling point without warping or getting delaminated. 


2. Termite-Resistance Plywood 

Another advantage of BWP plywood is that it is termite resistant since the core layer of the sheet is cemented with lots of different chemicals. This saves you the hassle of having to carry out fumigation and pest control services. Most BWP plywood sheets also come with a Borer and Termite protection warranty, giving you greater peace of mind.


3. Strength and Durability

This plywood is produced using extremely high-quality hardwood veneers that are glued with waterproof adhesive. This manufacturing process augments the sheet’s overall strength and tenacity, making it more durable and resistant to knocks, impacts, and wear and tear compared to any other plywood on the market. 


4. Versatility

While BWP plywood is known for its water-resistant properties, it is way more versatile than that. It can be used in other projects, such as building cabinets, wardrobes, shelving, wall panelling, and even flooring. 

Moreover, this plywood sheet is well suited for furniture in the bathroom or kitchen and outdoors, where it will be exposed to extreme weather conditions. 


5. Cost Effectiveness

For all of these advantages, BWP plywood is surprisingly cost-effective. While it’s slightly more expensive than lower-grade plywood, its durability, lifespan, and waterproofing abilities mean you will certainly get your value for money in the long run.

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Unlike traditional plywood sheets, BWP plywood specializes in quality and value for money. This moisture-resistant plywood offers unparalleled advantages over its competition, making it an easy favourite for most projects. 

Renowned for its durability, versatility, and chic aesthetic, BWP plywood has gained prominence for use in household projects and commercial infrastructure. If you wish to install BWP-Grade IS-710 plywood for your project, visit AK Apple Ply and discuss your unique needs.

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