It goes without saying that termite resistance is always a plus in plywoods. But if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably wondering whether termite proof plywood is really necessary and if you should spend the extra money to acquire chemically treated wood that resists insects.

Well, we’ve already answered your question in the title, and now we’ll tell you why.



Termite infestations are usually undetectable until significant damage has been done. They live in dark, humid, and protected environments, making them incredibly difficult to detect. They are only found when it is too late. 

Hence, they are known as “silent destroyers” because they can wreak damage on your home/projects without you even realizing it. Termites require food, moisture, shelter, and an optimum temperature to survive, and the wood in your home provides all of these things.

What are the effects of termites on your wood?

  • They can cause structural damage by feeding on walls, beams, and posts made of wood. 
  • Colonies of termites that move through the soil can form cracks in the foundation of your building.
  • Termites that have taken root within walls eat from the inside out, making the walls weak and hollow. This can cause a lot of water damage in the house.
  • Termites create lose tiles, sagging ceilings, and puncture holes in drywall.
  • They can also cause squeaky floorboards due to weakened wood. 
  • You will start noticing cracked or bubbling paint, mud tubes on exterior walls, beams or crawl spaces, or signs of termite droppings.

Besides damaging homes and buildings, termites can also cause adverse health effects. Termites may not pose a direct threat to humans, but when a colony moves through the house, dust and wood particles are spread into the air. This can result in allergic responses and asthma episodes. 

Now, let’s say you do use termite resistant plywood, here are some of the many advantages you’ll acquire by doing so – 

Benefits of using termite resistant plywood 

  • Termite-resistant furniture is also water-resistant. This means that homes with termite-resistant furniture can also endure exposure to moisture, keeping the place fresh and ventilated.
  • Termite-resistant furniture has a longer lifespan in terms of quality, dependability and durability.
  • Termites not only cause damage to your furnishings, but they also cost a lot of money to fix. As a result, using termite-resistant plywood from the get-go will help you save both money and time.
  • Termite resistant furniture also caters to all kinds of aesthetic appeals, from attractive designs to rich textures.

In conclusion, whether you are refurbishing a home or working on a new construction project, using termite resistant plywood will always be worth the cost. If you don’t want your beautiful designs and hard work to go to ruin because of insects as small as ants, then it’s best you use termite-resistant wood for your furniture, wall/floor panels, beams and posts, etc. 

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