What is it about the glossy, colourful finishes of a modular kitchen that instantly catch your eye? Numerous materials are available on the market these days, but acrylic laminates and PVC laminates are the most sought-after. But which one do you choose when it comes down to PVC laminate vs acrylic? Is acrylic better than laminate? Or should you go with laminates? Read on to find out!

Like the Cohen family on Netflix’s OC, the kitchen is the heart of many homes. A big reason why the choice of installing the right cabinets plays a huge part in the overall feel of the room. There are many finishes in the market and the choice often gets harder when it comes to PVC laminate vs acrylic. Acrylic laminates may be more expensive but they have a classier appeal and are easier to maintain when compared to PVC laminates. Let’s find out which one is better suited for your needs. 

What is an Acrylic Laminate sheet?

An Acrylic laminate sheet is a polymer fibre sheet similar to lacquer. It is a sturdy material that has a sleek and shiny appearance that can be pasted onto an MDF board and sealed with a layer of protection to give a premium look that can last for years. It comes in a range of bright colours that can enhance the appearance of your interiors instantly. 

What is a PVC Laminate sheet?

PVC laminates are multi-layered, pre-processed laminates made up of polyvinyl chloride. The process involves pressing paper together with plastic resins under high pressure and temperature to obtain a composite material. They’re available in both matte and glossy finishes that can be applied to curved surfaces as they can be bent without breaking. They are used as a decorative and protective coating primarily on plywood. 

Pros and Cons of Acrylic and PVC Laminates

We have listed a few pros and cons of both acrylic and PVC laminates to help you choose the right option:

Look and Feel

Acrylic laminates have a very sophisticated finish and are the usual choice for high-end kitchens. On the other hand, PVC laminates have more variety in terms of textures ranging from matte, glossy, natural and wooden textures. 

Colour and Variety

Acrylic laminates have more solid and vibrant colours that retain their look for many years. The number of options, however, is more and comes in different natural textures like stone and wood. 

Durability and Maintenance

Acrylic finishes are scratch-resistant and can maintain their seamless, glossy appearance over the years. But the drawback is that handprints are visible on these types of finishes and require regular cleaning. 

PVC laminates are more durable and resistant. They have certain properties like UV light, moisture and heat resistance and can be treated for antibacterial properties as well. 


Acrylic laminate price is on the high-end due to their quality finish and premium appearance. PVC laminate price, on the other hand, is a budget option while also providing a wide variety of options. 

PVC laminate or Acrylic: Choose Your Ideal Finish

As mentioned above, both acrylic and PVC laminates work in different circumstances and have different properties. If you’re someone who is swayed by the high-gloss acrylic finish but also wants the easy maintenance of PVC laminates, we have a solution. You can combine the two in your modular kitchen. You can think about using an acrylic finish for the upper cabinets so that it reflects lighting and makes your kitchen appear a lot more spacious.

You can pick the more durable PVC laminates for the lower drawers. We hope this blog gave you a good idea about both the types of laminates. If you’re still confused, you can reach out to AK group’s Apple Ply, the best acrylic and PVC laminate manufacturers in India, and we can guide you on the same.  

Dr Prashanth MA
Director at AK Group/Apple Plywood | + posts

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