Is your marine plywood losing its shine and durability due to exposure to harsh marine conditions? This blog explores the best ways to maintain and care for marine plywood and how to clean, seal and store it.

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The Importance of Regularly Cleaning Your Marine Plywood

The first step in maintaining your marine plywood is to keep it clean. Regular cleaning prevents the buildup of dirt, grime, and contaminants, which may damage the surface of the wood over time. Here are the essential ways to maintain marine plywood:

  1. Gentle washing: Use a soft brush, cloth, and mild detergent to clean the plywood surface. Avoid using hazardous chemicals that could harm the wood or its finish.
  2. Rinsing thoroughly: Always rinse away all soap residue thoroughly after washing. Leftover soap can discolor the wood and diminish its natural beauty.
  3. Drying properly: Allow the plywood to dry entirely before performing other maintenance tasks. Moisture can cause mould and mildew to grow, causing damage to the wood.


Sealing the Marine Plywood

Sealing is necessary to improve marine plywood’s water and moisture resistance. To properly seal your water resistance plywood, follow these steps:

  1. Surface preparation: Before applying the sealant, ensure the plywood surface is clean and dry. Remove existing coatings or finishes to ensure the new sealant adheres appropriately.
  2. Choosing the suitable sealant: Use marine-grade sealants designed explicitly for plywood. These sealants provide superior resistance to water and UV rays.
  3. Application: Apply the sealant evenly to the plywood surface with a brush or roller. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the number of coats needed.
  4. Drying time: Allow sufficient time for the sealant to dry between coats. Two to three coats are usually enough to provide adequate protection.


Properly Storing Marine Plywood

Marine plywood must be properly stored when not in use to avoid damage and ensure its longevity. Inadequate storage can result in warping, bending, or delamination.

Follow the following tips for adequately storing marine plywood:

  1. Dry environment: Marine plywood should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated area. Avoid damp or humid environments because moisture can harm the wood.
  2. Flat and elevated: Plywood should be stored flat and elevated off the ground. Avoid placing it directly on concrete or other surfaces that can absorb moisture.
  3. Covered and protected: If possible, cover the plywood with a waterproof tarp or material to shield it from dust, debris, and direct sunlight.
  4. Regular inspection: Inspect the plywood regularly for any signs of damage or changes in its condition. Early detection can aid in the prevention of future problems.


Handling and Transportation

Proper handling and transportation of marine plywood are crucial to avoid any unnecessary stress on the wood. Whether you’re moving it from one place to another or installing it on your boat, follow these guidelines:

  1. Avoid dragging: For protecting  water resistance plywood, never drag it across rough surfaces, which can lead to scratches and surface damage.
  2. Lift with care: Lift the plywood using proper lifting techniques, and avoid bending it excessively.
  3. Secure during transport: When transporting plywood in a vehicle, ensure it is properly secured to prevent shifting and potential damage.


The Key to Marine Plywood Durability

Maintaining and caring for marine plywood ensures its longevity and optimal performance in marine environments. Regular inspections, sealing, and protection from moisture are crucial for preventing damage and preserving the integrity of the water-resistant plywood. 

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