Lamination is a godsent process that has too many pros to count using your fingers. It protects the wood against stains and smudges, it’s easy to install, easy to clean, is resistant to impact, shock and pressure, and increases durability! 



The process of plywood lamination uses hard pressing equipment and adhesives to permanently attach a number of sheets together. Homeowners used to have their plywood laminated after it was installed in their homes for a long time. But now they can acquire plywood that has already been laminated, if they choose pre-laminated plywood.

Before we get into why pre-laminated plywood should be preferred over standard plywood, let’s understand where these laminated ply boards are used. 

What are the applications of laminated plywood? 

Laminated plywood has a plethora of applications. 

  • It can be used for both interior and exterior furniture and construction
  • It can be used to make doors, partitions, false ceilings, sheathing, etc. 
  • Special laminated boards are available for billboards, electricity boxes, and other applications. 
  • Laminated wood is also used for interior decoration by huge companies, hospitals, airports, banks, hotels, etc.

As you can see, one can benefit a great deal from laminated plywood boards. Now getting to the main question as to why you should get pre-laminated plywood rather than have your furniture and design work laminated after it’s finished?

Why opt for pre-laminated plywood? 

  • Using pre-laminated plywood sheets saves a lot of time, money, and work compared to manually bonding laminates over plywood.
  • When you use pre-laminated plywood, you get a better notion of how the finished product will appear and feel.
  • When browsing through pre-laminated plywood, you can choose from a range of thicknesses. For example, AK Plywood offers pre-laminated ply boards with 0.7, 0.8 and 1mm laminates.

Please Note: If you already have a choice of laminate in mind you can have it pre-laminated on your plyboards before using it!

Overall, pre-laminated plywood is a good investment and is worth considering. Today, all the major plywood manufacturers are producing pre-laminated plywood sheets to eliminate the hassle of manually glueing the laminate to the plywood. 

However, you should be mindful to not confuse particle board with pre-laminated plywood. Pre-laminated plywood is not as widely available as particle boards. Therefore, you must be cautious when purchasing pre-laminated plywood. 

AK Group’s Apple Plywood is one of the best plywood manufacturers. We can press and provide laminates of your choosing from other Indian or imported laminates, in any size, thickness, or grade that we have available!

If you’re interested in acquiring high-quality pre-laminated plywood, contact us. Even if it’s for inquiries about pre-laminated board prices or availability of your desired laminates, reach out to us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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