From floors to furniture and now even more in home decor—plywood is arguably one of the most widely used components that appear in the elements of a home. However, buying plywood is no easy feat. There are a lot of questions that you, as a customer, want answers to. We’re here to help!

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Strong and lightweight, plywood is a versatile material that costs considerably lesser than solid wood. In a lot of ways plywood offers performance that’s superior to that of wood. Its composition makes it less vulnerable to moisture, resists temperature fluctuations and changes in humidity. 

There are a lot of layers to plywood—both the product and the subject and that’s why we’re here to uncover a few. By summarizing a few commonly asked questions and answers below, we can help you choose the right type of plywood and ease your buying decisions. Read on to find out how:

Is plywood waterproof?

No, plywood is not waterproof. Even marine grade plywood, that is considered waterproof is really not. How so? The glue used to laminate the layers is waterproof but the wood is not treated with any chemicals. The reason for this being that marine plywood is used to build boats and if the wood were to be treated with chemicals, it would seep into water and harm wildlife. 

What makes plywood strong?

The most common misconception about plywood is that it’s weak just because it’s affordable. This is simply not true! Plywood is made of several compressed layers of wood glued together that makes it several times stronger than wood. 

Is plywood sustainable?

Yes, all of AK Apple Plywood’s products are sourced from sustainable plantations. Since it can be used repeatedly, can be upcycled and recycled,  it’s sustainable material. 

Where is plywood used?

Plywood can be used in various interior decor spaces depending on its size, thickness and grade. 

Size: While a small sheet of plywood can be used to make a kid’s table or chair, a bigger sheet could be used to make a home-office table too. 

Thickness: A thicker sheet of plywood can be used to make a weight-absorbing bed while a thinner one is a lot more useful to make a coffee table.

Grade:  An MR grade plywood can be used in dry areas of a house like the bed, sofa, shelves and more. BWP grade plywood can be used in all areas of the house but is especially useful for kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and so on.

Can you paint plywood? 

Painting plywood is very common. While a lot of people prefer to keep the natural look and feel of plywood, some like to add a dash of colour and customize it to their desire. Painting plywood is very similar to painting any type of wood. Semi-gloss paint or acrylic paint is great for a durable and beautiful finish.

How strong is marine plywood?

Marine-grade plywood has unmatchable strength. The use of good-quality resins and timber makes marine plywood the strongest and most durable in the plywood industry. The water-resistant aspect of this ply further improves the integrity of your furniture. 

We hope we’ve been able to clear any sort of doubts you might’ve had if you’re considering plywood for your next big project. It pays to be knowledgeable about its features and possibilities even though it’s a well-known versatile material. If we’ve left anything out, ask us in the comments below or if you’d like to purchase some plywood, don’t hesitate to contact our representatives to get a free quotation now!

Dr Prashanth MA
Director at AK Group/Apple Plywood | + posts

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