Is your kitchen starting to look a little too outdated? Are you thinking of revamping it to something that inspires you to cook delicious food and post some amazing insta reels? Well, you’re in the right place! 



The kitchen is the heart of your home and wanting it to look stylish and presentable is totally understandable. If your kitchen is starting to look too old fashioned and dingy, don’t worry, We’re here to help! 

No matter how your kitchen looks, you can renovate it to add glamour and charm. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of ideas for a kitchen makeover that’s sure to inspire the designer in you. 

Beauty In Simplicity 

A trend that stays everlasting is minimalism. By keeping it tastefully utilitarian, you can make your kitchen look fashionable and up-to-date. By using beige sombre plywood paired with a matching collection of ceramics you can create an undoubtedly charming vibe! 

Glass Cabinets 

The combination of glass cabinets and pre-laminated plywood is so gorgeous that it will take your breath away. They can be coloured with a pattern or kept completely transparent. Either way, it will make your kitchen look beautiful and modern. 

Accent Pieces 

A large part of renovation involves matching your serve wear with your furniture. If you do decide to replace all your serve/tableware to match your kitchen plywood, go for open cabinets to highlight the colours of your serveware and create an aesthetic you desire. 

Themed Wall Art 

When it comes to kitchen design, wall décor may not be the first thing that springs to mind, but just because it isn’t a utility, doesn’t mean it isn’t an important component of a cheerful gathering and cooking environment. Also, if you have an open kitchen, it’s best to use the kitchen space to give your whole space an aesthetic vibe. So go wild with wallpapers, paintings, pictures and print decors! 

Different Tones, One Colour 

Ideas For a Kitchen Makeover

If you want to have a mix of diversity and consistency this is perfect for you! Pick your favourite colour and add different tones to make it look colourful, yet uniform. You can even add cutlery and wall art to match the tones or contrast your theme. The choices are limitless and yours to choose. With these ideas, no matter how your kitchen is laid out, it’ll look great. 

By making your kitchen cabinet designs out of plywood they will not only be cost-effective but also sturdy and long-lasting. If you’d like to implement any of these ideas in your kitchen, reach out to us to get the best plywood for your kitchen renovation project. From pre-laminated ply boards to BWR plywoods, we have them all! 

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