Did you know PVC foam boards can be used to improve home decor?

Improving home decor is important because studies have shown that our surroundings can affect our mood, our stress levels, and even our overall physical health, leading to a better quality of life.

In this article, one of the best PVC foam board manufacturers in India explains how to use PVC foam boards to create a space that is comfortable, inviting, and reflects your personal style.

What Are PVC Foam Boards?

As an alternative to timber, aluminium materials, and multi-boards, PVC foam board is a cost-effective choice. Basically, it consists of plastic made from a chemical compound called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). 

What Are the Benefits of PVC Foam Boards?

PVC foam board uses are many, and PVC foam board prices are reasonable for the benefits they offer:

  • Being waterproof, they’re ideal for use in damp environments such as toilets, kitchens, and wash basins.
  • Their self-extinguishing and antibacterial properties make them ideal for dropped ceilings, windows, and doors.
  • You can print on them with different colours for use in printing and advertising. 
  • You can perform most carpentry operations on them as well as use the tools used by wood and MDF industries.

What PVC Foam Boards Types Does AK Plywood Provide?

AK Plywood offers three variants of PVC foam board, namely, APP Strong, APP Rock Strong, and HD APP Rock Strong.

They’re made of moisture and corrosion-resistant and lightweight foamed PVC. Additionally, they resist chemicals, absorb little water, and have good mechanical and insulation properties.

The density of the three variants of PVC foam boards is 0.50gm/cm3, 0.55gm/cm3, and 0.60gm/cm3, respectively.

In addition, AP Strong doors made of pure PVC are ideal for the bathroom as well. The doors have a high metal screw-holding capacity. They’re waterproof and resistant to chemicals, corrosion, termites, bacteria, and fungus.

The thickness ranges from 17mm, 23mm, and 28mm, whereas the density is 0.55 gm/cm3.

How Do PVC Foam Boards Elevate Your Home Decor?

Besides being corrosion-resistant, PVC foam boards are also lightweight.

Due to their chemical composition, PVC foam boards offer better physical properties than other foam boards of similar density, making them suitable for use in furniture, kitchen cabinets, and bathroom cabinets.

In short, they’re eminently suitable for making our home decor not only beautiful but also functional.

Another advantage they offer is longevity when compared with wood or other materials. This can be attributed to its high density, which prevents the likelihood of surface cracks or outright breaking. Not many materials can offer this dual advantage.

Imagine spending money on a fancy material with no durability or one that lasts longer but does nothing to improve your home decor.

To summarize, PVC foam boards offer the best of both worlds!

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Why Is AK Plywood Regarded as the Premier PVC Foam Boards Manufacturers in India?

As one of India’s leading manufacturers of allied wood products, AK Plywood has an excellent track record of more than 40 years.

Apart from the wide range of choices in PVC foam boards, they also offer valuable advice about how to get the best results for your dream project.

The company has implemented processes that are in accordance with environmental protection standards.

Their production plants have been certified according to ISO 9001:2015, demonstrating their compliance with BIS standards.

To get a free quote for your dream project, follow this simple 3-step process. Their PVC foam board price and quality are unmatched.

You can learn more about their full range of home decor products by visiting their website.

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