In the last decade or so, modern home decor design trends have seen a near-permanent fixture — laminates. Laminates of one kind or another are widely used as decorative materials in modern homes.

Laminates are a type of finishing layer made of paper and resin used in home décor. They’re available in wide varieties, easy to customize, adaptable to changes in home de, durable, and cost-effective, which is why many prefer them for home interiors rather than relying on paints.

Naturally, as time passes, trends are subject to change. The lamination patterns have become significantly more complex and abstract in recent years. With the popularity of these modifications, laminates for furniture are quickly becoming a fundamental part of any interior designing tenet.

That being said, let’s take a look at the top five trends in home decor laminates today.

1. Colourful Laminates

Colours have a great influence on someone’s mood. Choosing the right colours of laminates for furniture is crucial since choosing drab or unappealing colours for your interior might make you feel gloomy.

In the current market, sandwich compact laminates have also become popular. These laminates have several linings over their edges in various colours. This not only strengthens them considerably but also gives you design choices.

This means that you can create wall panels, dividers, screens, and even table tops, doors, and cabinets using decorative laminates to lend a modern touch to your home.

2. Feature-Rich Laminates

In addition to enhancing the aesthetics of the space, laminates are robust and risk-resistant, potentially adding security measures to businesses, homes, theatres, auditoriums, and other public spaces. Laminates can also reduce smoke emissions while providing great flame resistance. The fire retardant component of laminates is combined with a chemical that slows temperature changes, resulting in reduced wear and tear on the surface.

There are different types of laminates in India. For instance, there is a decor laminate called chalkboard laminate that lends a rustic feel to workplaces, residences, and schools. Since their real art and distinctive designs have found a home in the laminate industries, digital artists and designers employ laminates to implement their ideas in various settings.

3. Textured Laminates

Evoke the feeling of nature in your home by using textured laminates. Natural textured laminates are one of the newest industry trends. When people were confined to their houses due to the pandemic, textured laminates afforded a natural surrounding that made people feel more comfortable.

Realistic laminates that mimic wood or stone are long-lasting, easy to preserve, and excellent for both modern and country-style homes.

4. Scandi Nest

Scandinavia’s natural beauty and stunning landscapes are no surprise to nature lovers. These countries have beautiful homes and structures that match the beauty of the surrounding natural environment. They use pastel colours and various white hues to produce a relaxing environment.

Scandi nest laminate designs add charm to rooms with white walls, wooden floors, and modern furniture. The earthy colour tones create a wonderful aesthetic for the Scandi nest design.

5. Urbania Laminates

The minimalist design aesthetic is popular everywhere, and laminates are already using it. Different hues of grey are used in Urbania laminate to create basic yet elegant patterns that go well with furniture, décor, and other accessories. Urban laminates give homes a confident, urbane feel. Urbania laminates are suitable for residential and apartment designs, as well as hotel, hospitality, and retail projects.

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Why Go for Laminates?

These are a few of the trends that have emerged in the decorative laminate market in recent years. Although trends can be difficult to follow at times, there is always something new and intriguing entering the market that can catch your attention.

In the end, it comes down to what best suits your design preferences and financial capabilities. With decorative laminates, buyers have an easy and economical option to add a little bit of their personality to their homes.

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