You want the interior furnishings in your homes like counters, wardrobes, and cabinets to be strong and resistant to external conditions. These structures are often made out of wood, but they’re not quite robust enough and have a few too many drawbacks.

Enter HDHMR boards.

HDHMR boards are apparently all the rage these days when it comes to interior furnishings. And we get a lot of inquiries asking about all there is to know about these HDHMR boards. So we’ve decided to compile a list of Q&As about all things HDHMR.

Let’s get right to it!

What are HDHMR Boards?

HDHMR is an abbreviation for high-density high moisture resistance. It’s made by densely compressing fibre wood chips and forest wood waste into a single layer.

How are HDHMR Boards Made?

HDHMR boards are manufactured by blending fibre chips and forest wood waste in a homogeneous building method. In order to create a sturdy, greater-density board, these fibre chips are compressed into a single layer, and a minimal amount of wood material is removed.

The combination of durable wood particle board and a unique glue pressing technique results in a product with a high density. These hardwood particles create a distinctive water resistance layer in the board as they are forced through the glue.

Why Should You Choose HDHMR Boards?

Low Maintenance

Furniture made with HDHMR boards doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. It can be easily cleaned with lukewarm water. Don’t soak the board, but rather, wipe them gently using a damp cloth. And while HDHMR boards don’t get easily scratched, you can still exercise caution when using objects or utensils with sharp edges.

Water Resistance

Another question we often get is, “Is HDHMR board waterproof?” HDHMR ply is the ideal option if you reside in an area with high humidity. Most wood-like structures can bend and crack when exposed to moisture. However, HDHMR is resistant to these issues and can be used for a long period. Even if the surface of the HDHMR boards remains wet for some time, it will not begin to peel off. The unique adhesive used to connect the forest and agricultural wood-waste particles ensures that the boards or sheets do not absorb water easily.


A termite infestation can result in unsanitary living conditions and extensive harm to interior furnishings and structures. But with HDHMR, you needn’t worry! The pressing procedure removes even the minutest pieces of wood shavings, making HDHMR termite-proof. This increases the density of the board or sheet while also getting rid of any useless bits that can attract termites.

Is HDHMR Board Good for Kitchen Furniture?

Kitchen cabinets benefit the most from HDHMR boards. They can also be used to build closets, walls, panelling, and door shutters. Since kitchens are frequently humid environments, the materials utilized may be impacted by the air’s high moisture content. However, as indicated earlier, HDHMR is resistant to such atmospheric circumstances. When exposed to high quantities of moisture, an HDHMR sheet will not deform or split.

HDHMR vs Plywood: Which Is better?

A comprehensive breakdown of HDHMR boards vs ordinary plywood.

HDHMR Boards Ordinary Plywood
High termite and borer resistance Easy prey for termites
Extremely water resistant No water resistance
Uniform and high density of over 850 kg/m3 Non-uniform and a low density of 600 kg/m3
High durability More susceptible to wear and tear

Where Can I Buy HDHMR plywood?

A range of HDHMR plywood sizes is available at AK/APPLE group, one of the best HDHMR board manufacturers in India! Get in touch now!

What Is the Price of HDHMR Board?

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