We spend a fair amount of our time in our homes and therefore look for the best available material when we invest on furniture, or choose bedroom cupboards and kitchen cabinets. We also expect materials that are highly durable and resistant to all types of environmental factors like moisture, termites etc.

I’m sure most of you have this question – HDHMR board vs. plywood, which one is the better option for your home? Well, read on to find out more!

What is Plywood?

Plywood is a wooden board that has multiple layers of sheets which are pressed together for use in construction purposes. These sheets are called “plies”, which are made of the veneer of wood. Each of these sheets are glued together and attached. Plywood has a good resistance against moisture and is well-suited for use both indoors and outdoors.

Very often plywood is also called particle boards, chip boards or medium density fibreboards (MDF).

What are HDHMR Boards?

HDHMR (High Density High Moisture Resistance) Boards are more superior versions of plywood, because of their density and moisture-resistant properties. These HDHMR boards are also known as engineered wood boards and can withstand higher levels of moisture as compared to plywood.

This makes HDHMR boards very useful for use in outdoor furniture, doors, windows, shutters etc, where there are higher chances of moisture.

HDHMR Board vs. Plywood: Comparative Differences

Before we get into any other details, it is essential to know what’s different when it comes to HDHMR board vs. plywood. 

This comparative chart will help you see the differences in their features side by side.

Features  Plywood HDHMR Board
Strength and durability Very durable and is one of the strongest materials for building. Known to be “split-proof”. Extremely durable and is known to be tougher than plywood.
Life expectancy of the material Can last for over 15 years Can last for over 15 years
Environmental protection Can be susceptible to water damage over extended exposure, but its termite resistance is good. Very high in its water resistance and is also completely safe from termites.

Which Plywood is Best for Modular Kitchens?

The kitchen is the heart of a home and that’s why people look out for different ways to design and decorate their kitchen in the best way possible. Therefore, choosing the best plywood for your kitchen is very important.

Modular kitchens are designed contemporarily and are organized into cabinets, shelves and drawers. So, one of the best types of plywood to use for your kitchen would be Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) plywood.

It is made of superior quality, is highly durable and is both waterproof and resistant to moisture.

Your second option for modular kitchen use can be Boiling Water-resistant (BWR) plywood, which isn’t waterproof, but is water resistant or even HDHMR boards, as they have the same features as boiling water-resistant plywood.

HDHMR Board vs. Plywood: How do you make your choice?

By now it is clear that HDHMR boards seem to have an upper edge over plywood in terms of its durability, strength and protection against environmental factors. But it is important to decide on the material you are going to use based on what you’re constructing.

If you are looking at making partitions, using it as flooring or on your ceiling, using it for your cabinets or furniture, then plywood is a good choice. On the other hand, if you are thinking about making doors, shutters, kitchen cabinets, wall panels or in short, wherever there is a higher risk of exposure to moisture, then choosing HDHMR boards is a better option.

The HDHMR boards vs. plywood price depends on various factors like the type and thickness of the plywood, the thickness of the HDHMR boards you are looking to buy, area of coverage etc.


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