Fire-rated doors are an essential safety measure that everyone should install in their home. These specialized doors are designed to restrict a fire and slow down its spread. They provide peace of mind to tenants and property owners alike by enhancing safety, reducing property damage, and complying with building codes. 

Let’s delve into the five biggest advantages of getting this fire-safety mechanism installed.  

What are the Five Benefits of Installing Fire-Rated Doors?

This guide showcases the benefits of adding fire-rated doors to your house.

1. They Restrict the Spread of Fire

The primary purpose of fire doors is to restrict the inferno from spreading by compartmentalizing it. These doors are fire resistant and hence can contain the fire to its origin. This feature buys occupants valuable time to evacuate the premises safely. 

Fire-rated doors also minimize property damage by limiting the spread of the flames between rooms. Installing them in kitchens and hallways will mitigate the destruction and prevent your valuables from getting burnt.  

2. Smoke Control 

Fire doors also prevent the smoke from spreading in case a fire breaks out. Smoke is considered to be one of the biggest threats during a house fire. According to the Cleveland Clinic, more deaths occur from smoke poisoning than severe burns in a house fire!

Fire-rated doors limit this smoke from spreading to different rooms, protecting occupants from inhaling toxic fumes. It achieves this due to its unique build. Fire doors are constructed with special fire-resistant materials and fitted to sit deep in their door frame. This ensures a tight seal and prevents smoke from leaking out.

3. Enhanced Safety for Firefighters

Fire-rated doors serve a dual purpose. They not only allow the occupants to evacuate safely but also significantly enhance the safety of firefighters. By containing the fire and smoke to only certain areas, fire doors create a safer environment for firefighters to work in. This reduces their risk of injuries during an emergency while increasing efficiency. 

4. Soundproofing and Heat Insulation

An unexpected benefit of installing fire-rated doors is that they are soundproof! The doors are constructed using thick and heavy materials and sealed tightly at the door frames. This cuts off most sound waves from travelling past the door, providing extra privacy. 

Additionally, fire-rated doors also provide heat insulation, keeping occupants cosy and warm during the winter while saving money on your energy bills.

5. Increase In Property Value

Were you aware that the value of your house increases if you install fire-rated doors? That’s correct! This safety measure can potentially drive up your home’s overall appraisal. Moreover, because fire doors help contain property damage, they also lead to reduced insurance premiums, saving you a lot of money. 

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Fire doors offer indispensable advantages for a very minimal cost. They keep you and your loved ones safe from injury by giving everyone time to evacuate while simultaneously reducing the harmful effects of smoke inhalation. 

Fire-rated doors also help minimize damage to your valuables by containing the fire at its source. If you wish to get the peace of mind that comes with fire protection, contact AK Apple Ply today.

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