Interior design is the soul of every building, so deciding what kind of wood should be used when building it is very crucial. Furniture should be built considering various aspects of the space it is getting installed in. Not paying attention to the type of wood people are using to build their furniture could cause problems in the long run. 

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Plywood and blockboard are two different types of wood that are often confused with each other, because of their similar appearance and popularity in the industry. Before buying the wood make sure you are equipped with all the information you need to make the right choice. Keep reading to get further insights on which is better for you — plywood or blockboard. 

How They Are  Made 

The main difference between the two kinds of wood is how they are manufactured. 

Plywood is made by gluing thin layers or ‘piles’ of wood on top of each other. They are then pressed together under high pressure and temperature to make sheets of plywood. There are different types of plywood depending on the type of wood used to make the piles.  

Blockboard is made by placing blocks or strips of wood, generally softwood, edge to edge which are then enclosed between two veneer sheets. These are also further pressed together under high pressure and temperature. 

What Kind of Furniture Are They Used For?

Plywoods are most commonly used in making custom furniture for homes and offices. They are also used to make panels, floors, walls, and roofs while construction because they work well for short-term use. 

If you’re looking to make furniture that makes use of longer pieces of wood, blockboards are the ones you should go for. Blockboards are ideal for building shelves, tables and benches, wall panels, doors, wardrobes, etc. These are also less prone to sagging or bending.   

Both these woods are durable and easy to maintain. There are certain types of plywood that can handle water well, for example, laminated marine plywood and boiling waterproof plywood.

Other Properties


  • Plywood is easily available in almost all regions. In recent years, it has been gaining more attention in the interior design industry. 
  • Due to popular demand, it comes in different types fit for different furniture. For example soft, hard, tropical, decorative, etc.
  • It is resistant to splitting because of its cross-gaining structure and provides uniform strength and stability. 
  • Plywood can be manufactured to fit your requirements. There are special types of plywood that can be manufactured to be easily bent without breaking. This adds a flexibility feature to it.  
  • MR grade, BWR grade and BWP grades are the three grades of plywood that are used for various applications.


  • Blockboard is sometimes used as a substitute for plywood, but both have very unique properties. 
  • BWP grade and MR grade are the two grades of blockboard that are used for various applications.
  • Blockboards which are made using softwood may not be as strong as plywood, but the strength can be increased by using hardwood blocks. 
  • They are lightweight and easier to cut, and also have a good screw holding capacity. 

Choose your wood carefully after analyzing other factors like the type of furniture, the environment, and your budget. Both these woods are suitable for different purposes and situations. Hope this blog could give you a few insights into the major differences between plywood and blockboard. Learn more about the different types of wood used in interior designing. And if you have any questions or are looking to purchase any type of plywood or blockboard, reach out to a representative at AK Group’s Apple Plywood. We have the best products that are made from quality raw material! From plywoods to veneers, we’ve got it all. Get a free quotation now!

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