Plywood has long been regarded as a superior, low-cost solution for woodworking applications. And because it’s so frequently used, there are a variety of variations available to meet a variety of requirements.



Plywood is a type of engineered wood that is created by glueing thin veneer sheets together with resin under high pressure. 

It is classified into approximately 18 different varieties based on the type of wood used, the application, and the manufacturing process. In this blog, we will be looking at the most popular types of plywood offered by Commercial Plywood Manufacturers in India and how they’re used.

Hardwood Plywood

Hardwood plywood is classified based on the wood used during manufacturing. Here the plywood panels are made up of three or more layers, with a hardwood face species (like red oak, birch, teak, gurjan, etc.).

They can be used in making furniture, packing cases, sporting equipment, musical instruments, and other items that require strong frames.

Softwood Plywood 

Generally, plywood is made of hardwood but sometimes plywood manufacturers use softwood to offer a more cost-efficient alternative. Softwood ply is constructed from veneers or wood obtained from Spruce-Pine-Fur (SPF) or mango wood species. Although they might not be as sturdy as hardwood ply, they stand equal in terms of quality. 

Sheds, temporary flooring, and shelving can all be made out of softwood. This type of wood isn’t usually recommended for exterior work as it lacks the weather resistance required for long-term durability.

Commercial Plywood Manufacturers

MR grade plywood 

It is also known as commercial plywood or moisture-resistant (not waterproof) plywood. Since it is treated with resins such as formaldehyde, it has a pretty high level of resistance to moisture and humidity. But note that the use of MR grade plywood should be avoided in locations where moisture is prevalent for long durations, such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

MR grade plywood is often used in interiors. Due to its exceptional moisture resistance in damp and humid environments, it is a popular material in tropical climates for furniture and cabinets. 

BWR plywood 

Boiling water-resistant plywood is made using phenol-formaldehyde. This plywood is ideal for exterior use because of its strong water resistance. It is superior to MR grade plywood and costs a little more than it as well.

It is appropriate for all weather conditions owing to its water resistance feature. It’s commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens where there’s a lot of moisture. It is also used for exterior wall cladding, staircases, and other similar applications.

BWP Plywood 

BWP stands for boiling waterproof, which means that these plywood boards are boiling waterproof according to industry standards and can endure prolonged water and moisture exposure.

Due to its strong resistance to water, BWP can be used for building cabinets, under-basin storage, as well as rooftops, lofts, and tall units with a lot of steam and water contact. It can also be used to construct walls and storage cabinets in the bathrooms.

MDF plyboard 

It is a type of plywood that uses medium-density fibreboards at its core. The MDF core plywood is easy to work with as it is made up of individual wood fibres and produces no wood chips or sawdust. It’s also flatter than most softwood ply boards, so it’s ideal for furniture bases. It works well with paints, resins, and vinyl coatings.

There you have it! These are some of the common types of plywood available in the Indian market and are easily available at all the best plywood companies in India. If you’re looking for a particular requirement in plywood but are not sure which category to shop under, reach out to us and we’ll help you find the perfect plywood in no time! 

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