When it comes to choosing materials to build furniture that lasts, it’s undeniable that most of us expect them to be of the finest quality. They need to be superior, durable, and also look appealing. 

And like most, when terms like ‘superior’ and ‘durable’ are used, the material that probably pops into your mind is plywood and not blockboards. However, plywood is not necessarily the only option. In this blog, we’ll tell you why you should consider purchasing quality blockboards instead and where they can be used. 



Let’s start off with the most simple question 一 what is a blockboard? 

Blockboard is a type of plywood. It is an engineered wood manufactured by glueing together blocks or strips of softwood edge-to-edge, which are then sandwiched between two veneer sheets. These are then squeezed together securely under great pressure and temperature.

There are many uses of blockboards. Like plywoods, blockboards can also be used in the construction of different types of furniture, including bookshelves, benches, blockboard doors, shelves, tables, wall panelling, and partition walls. But before purchasing it for your projects make sure that it is authentic and have the following properties. 

Properties of Authentic Blockboards 

To make sure that the blockboard you’re purchasing is authentic and of superior quality, make sure you are crosschecking and confirming these properties with your blockboard manufacturer: 

Moisture content

The moisture content of the blockboard is a basis for assessing its quality. One of the most prevalent concerns with poor quality blockboard is that its moisture content does not match standard regulations. If the moisture level in a product exceeds the standard, it will not only deform wood-based panels but also affect the look of the product.

Warping and sagging resistance

If you want long-lasting wooden work while also saving money, high-quality blockboards are an excellent choice. So, make sure that the surface bonding strength of the blockboards you’re purchasing is exceptional. As a result of its ability to resist warping and drooping, it is employed in a variety of applications.

Sound and thermal insulation 

Blockboards do not conduct sound, heat, or electricity well. As a result, it provides exceptional acoustic and thermal insulation. So you can use blockboards to soundproof walls in places like recording studios and radio stations.

Water and termite resistance 

Similar to how plywood is manufactured in different grades, blockboard can be made waterproof (BWP or MR) by using resin to bond the strips of wood in between. It is also chemically treated to make it termite and borer resistant. This is why blockboard is good for shelves and other interior furniture. 

Transverse bending strength 

One of the criteria used to evaluate the quality of blockboard is its transverse bending strength. The higher the transverse bending strength, the more difficult it is to distort. So before making a bulk purchase ask for a testing piece and check for these specific properties. 

And, to top it all off, blockboards are economical! Blockboards are the best plywood substitute that is both inexpensive and has all of the benefits of plywood.

As you can see due to its variety of properties and applications, blockboards can easily be a better option compared to other materials. At AK Group’s Apple Ply, we offer the best quality blockboards that comply with E1 emission standards so you won’t have to worry about formaldehyde causing harm to your body. If you’re interested in purchasing blockboards or even plywoods, reach out to us as we are also known for being one of the best brands in plywood in India. 

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