We always talk about how important it is to choose the right kind of plywood for outdoor projects; a kind of plywood that can withstand harsh conditions and difficult weather. But what about the interiors? What’s the best plywood for interiors? 



When selecting plywood for interiors you need something that’s long-lasting, and resistant to all kinds of bugs 一 you wouldn’t want your beautiful interiors made from expensive wood rotting away in a year, would you?

Hence, choosing wood for interiors is equally important as choosing wood for exteriors. 

Speaking of wood, it’s been known that plywood is the go-to engineered wood in the furniture and construction industry these days. It’s typically made of layers of veneers glued together at a 90-degree angle to boost the board’s bearing strength and reduce its chances of shrinking or warping. 

Listed below are the most favorable choices of plywood for different parts of your home interiors一

MR Grade Plywood for the living room 

Best Plywood for Interiors

The most commonly used plywood for interiors is MR grade plywood. Also known as commercial plywood, this type of ply can withstand moisture and humidity, but not water. AK group’s, Apply ply MR grade plywood is also termite and borer resistant, so you can count on it to last longer! 

It is used to make all types of interior furniture that does not come into frequent contact with water, such as shelves, chairs, tables, cabinets, and so on, and costs less than other plywood grades.

Fire Retardant Ply/BWP for the Kitchen

Best Plywood for Interiors

The kitchen is a busy area of the house that’s exposed to both fire and water during most parts of the day. Hence, it is recommended that you use both fire-retardant and BWP plywood in the required areas for safety, and to ensure your furniture lasts longer. 

As the name implies, fire retardant plywood is required in areas where there is a risk of fire, because it slows the spread of fire. And BWP plywood (boiling waterproof plywood) can withstand changes in temperature, humidity and alternative wetting and drying. 

Flexi Ply for your Decor 

Best Plywood for Interiors

If you want to make wood that bends and curves to a certain aesthetic, Flexi ply is the wood for you! It meets all the curvaceous requirements and bends at different radii to give your furniture the desired shape. 

Flexi ply has great potential for applications in cabins of hemispherical shapes, arch panels and other curved decors. Apple ply’s Flexi plywood is friendly to use and can be bent with ease without the use of any specialized tools! 

There you have it! Plywood comes in a wide range of varieties and each of them has its own unique properties that work well for different parts of the home. If you’d like to browse through more plywood products visit our website to find a range of plywood products great for interiors! 

Apple Ply is one of the best commercial plywood manufacturers in India with all our products made in accordance with E1 emission standards. If you’d like to purchase long-lasting and safe plywood, contact us for more information and a quotation! 

Dr Prashanth MA
Director at AK Group/Apple Plywood | + posts

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