You don’t need us to tell you how important doors are. Its functional significance, as well as aesthetic appeal, is universally known. But do you know the type of door that offers both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits?



The answer you’re looking for is veneer doors! 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with veneer doors, as well as those who are, but are thinking “Are veneers worth it?”, let’s start by answering a simple question. 

What are veneer doors? 

The term veneer refers to thin wood or bark slices that are glued to core panels, which are usually manufactured of wood, chipboard, or MDF. Similarly, a wood veneer door is simply a door(flush door) with either a plywood/ MDF/particle-board core that has hardwood veneers added on.

Now, if you’re wondering…!

Are veneer doors worth it? 

The simple, short answer is yes! Here are some key benefits about veneer doors to help you make your decision.


Veneer doors are sure to meet all your aesthetic requirements. They provide elegance to your living space and come in a wide range of designs, patterns, and finishes. You can choose veneer designs that complement your furniture to create a coherent aesthetic. You can also experiment with different tones to add contrast to your interior decor


The next requirement of any door is its functionality aspect. Veneer doors are durable and also offer additional strength as they can withstand moisture, water and general wear and tear. These doors are known to have a long life expectancy as they provide an extra layer of protection. All these properties make them the perfect choice for doors that are constantly exposed to rain, stains, dust, etc.

Healthy grain 

Adding to its aesthetic appeal, veneer doors come in a wide range of wood veneer patterns that impart a natural warm look. Plain, quarter sliced, rift, crown, and quilted are some common grain patterns available in the market. Based on your interiors you can decide which veneers are better and have them adjusted to your flush door. 

Easy maintenance 

Veneer doors are easy to clean and do not require complicated maintenance procedures to ensure their longevity. In order to retain their sheen, all you have to do is wipe the surface with a damp microfiber towel as required and apply polish twice a year. 

Furthermore, veneer doors are a cost-effective option than solid wood doors as they only use thin wood slices(veneers) on an affordable door material. If you think these doors are perfect for your next project and are wondering where to get veneer doors 一 Reach out to AK Groups Apple Ply. We are one of the best plywood companies in India offering plywoods, MDF boards, blockboards, laminate doors, etc. of exceptionally high quality. 

If you require further information about our veneer doors or would like to know how much veneers cost in India, request a callback and get a quotation now! 

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