What is IS 710 grade plywood and how is it different from IS 303 grade plywood? Is one better than the other? Which one is best suited for your project? 一 plywood 303 vs 710; All your questions answered! 

If you’re an architect, an interior designer or simply someone with a passion for creating innovative furniture and designs, then you’ve probably come across the ISI (Indian Standards Institution) mark. Since 1955, the ISI mark has served as a conformity mark for all industrial items in India. The mark verifies that a product complies with an Indian standard (IS) produced by India’s national standards organisation, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). 

To guarantee BIS approved plywood is purchased, look for an ISI mark on the plywood sheet combined with an Indian Standard specification number. In this blog, we will be talking about two such numbers. The IS 710 and the IS 303. Let’s find out what they mean and how they are different! 

303 grade plywood 

Plywoods that fall under this number are of two types: BWR (boiling water resistant) and MR (moisture resistant) grade plywood. 

MR grade: Also known as commercial plywood, MR grade plywood is the most widely used and popular plywood in the construction industry. It is an important component of all sorts of furniture and can withstand moisture, dampness and humidity to a certain extent.

BWR grade: As the name implies, it is a type of plywood that is highly resistant to water and humidity. It’s also an exterior-grade plywood that’s perfect for semi-outdoor and outdoor projects.

710 grade plywood 

Boiling Water Proof (BWP) Plywood, also known as Marine Grade Plywood, is referred to as 710 grade plywood.

BWP/Marine grade plywood: BWP plywood is a long-lasting plywood that can survive normal wear and tear for many years. It is extensively utilised in the construction of furniture that will be exposed to water and moisture for an extended period of time.

Plywood 303 vs 710: A side by side comparison 

To make things easier to understand, we’ve compiles a side by side comparison of the two plywood based on some of their important properties. 

Properties 303 710
Water/moisture resistivity  MR plywood can withstand a moderate amount of humidity and dampness.
Since BWR grade plywood is weather-proof, it’s ideal for areas with a lot of humidity or rain.
This kind of plywood can resist water and moisture for long durations and survive extreme weather without delamination. 
Heaviness  303 plywood is lightweight when compared to 710 grade plywood.  710 grade plywood is relatively heavy. 
Strength  They are manufactured using high strength materials but are weaker than 710 grade plywood.  710 grade plywood is made using high-quality veneers and undiluted resins. As a result, 710 grade plywood offers exceptional strength. 
Application  MR grade plywood: used in office and home furniture like WardrobesTablesBedsShelves 
BWR: Used in making outdoor furniture likeLawn chairsGarden tables Patio benches 
BWR is also used to make furniture in kitchens and bathrooms. 
710 grade plywood is used for outdoor applications and furniture exposed to extreme weather conditions. 

Cost 303 grade plywood price is less when compared to 710 grade plywood. 
BWR ply is cheaper than MR ply, while BWR ply is cheaper than BWP ply.
710 grade plywood is often a little more expensive than MR and BWR plywood due to its superiority over them in numerous aspects.

In conclusion, both IS 303 and 710 grade plywood are of commendable quality. Your choice should be based on the amount and duration of water that comes in contact with the plywood, as well as your budget. 

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