On a daily basis, the kitchen is subjected to a great deal of water and moisture. Merely using solid wood for cabinets and other kitchen areas is pointless. Hence, plywood is used in place of solid wood for its many merits. They display better strength and durability and are also resistant to termites and borers. When building a new home or remodelling an old one, people prefer having a modular kitchen installed. So the question remains: why use plywood for the kitchen and which is the best plywood for a modular kitchen? Let’s find out.

Plywood for Kitchen Furniture and Cabinets

For decades, plywood has been the most popular wood material among modular kitchen manufacturers. 

Modular furniture improves the aesthetics of the kitchen’s interior and also seamlessly combines functionality and aesthetics. The cabinets are an integral aspect of a modular kitchen. Taking up more than half of the available cooking space, a cabinet can accommodate anything from cutlery and crockery to food and cleaning supplies. The woodwork used to make these cabinets should be of the highest quality. It should not only be resistant to moisture and heat, but it should also be able to withstand friction and load.

So what exactly is plywood? 一 It is a type of wooden board made up of multiple layers that are pressed and glued together with the grains of the layers arranged at right angles to each other.

Some notable qualities of plywood include:

  • It is relatively strong compared to its counterpart, solid wood
  • It’s elegant and attractive 
  • Due to its evenly distributed strength, it can withstand falls or even impact from other heavy objects
  • Adoption of plywood has resulted in a significant reduction in deforestation
  • It’s cheap and affordable 
  • It can be used not only at home but also in a variety of industrial applications
  • They are also fire resistant

Its extensive list of advantages qualifies it as the best wood product on the market. Now that we’ve understood why plywood is the most favourable when it comes to making modular kitchens 一 which plywood is best for modular kitchens? Read on to find out which plywood is best among the different types of plywood and make an informed choice for your next project. 

Types of Plywood for a Modular Kitchen 

3 main types of plywood can be employed during the construction of a modular kitchen. 

  1. BWP Grade 

It stands for Boiling Water Proof grade and is completely water-resistant. Because of its superior performance in wet and damp conditions, BWP plywood is an excellent material for use in kitchen and bathroom cabinets, where water spills and splashes are common. The cabinet closest to the kitchen stove is recommended to be made of BWP plywood because it will not show signs of damage even after being exposed to boiling water for up to 72 hours.

  1. BWR Grade 

It stands for Boiling Water Resistant grade. This grade of plywood remains unaffected regardless of the length of water contact or the degree of water temperature. Because of BWR grade plywood’s high water resistance, it can be used in water-prone areas of your home where you can’t prevent water from seeping in.

  1. Firewall Plywood 

It is a fire resistant plywood and is also known as fire-retardant plywood. The nanotechnology-engineered particles embedded in the plywood gives it the best fire-fighting properties available in the market. Firewall plywood effectively facilitates rescue operations due to its low flammability, slow combustion rate, and delayed flame penetration time. It also contains fire-retardant chemicals, which produce less toxic smoke.

Having said that, it is also important that your plywood or any other material like particle boards or medium-density fibreboard (MDF) are of E1 formaldehyde standard. E1 is a European formaldehyde emission standard that specifies a formaldehyde emission limit of 0.07 ppm or less. Formaldehyde is an important part of the adhesive used to craft your plywood furniture. Emissions beyond the allowed level may be hazardous since formaldehyde is a carcinogen (a substance that is capable of causing cancer in living tissues). 

With the above information, make sure you use the best Plywood for your next construction project. Whether it’s MR plywood or Firewall Plywood, AK Group’s Apple Plywood will provide you with the best plywoods on the market that also meet E1 formaldehyde specifications. Reach out to a representative or contact us to get a free quotation now!

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