Was there ever a point when you googled plywoods and were completely overwhelmed by acronyms like MR Grade Plywood, BWR, and BMR? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back.

This blog will discuss the MR acronym 一  Moisture Resistant plywood, as well as any questions you may have regarding this type of plywood before purchasing it. Let’s start with the most basic question you might have:

What is MR grade Plywood? 

Moisture Resistant plywood, also known as MR plywood or commercial plywood, is a type of plywood with high internal strength that is commonly used to construct shelves, cabinets, and other furniture. The hardwood timber used in its construction contributes to its great internal strength and durability, making it perfect for office and home furniture.

Is MR grade Plywood waterproof? 

It is not. A widespread misconception is that moisture resistant plywoods are unaffected by direct contact with water, however, this is simply not true. MR grade ply can withstand some moisture, dampness, and humidity, but it will unravel when in direct contact with water. 

The use of Melamine Urea Formaldehyde resin as an adhesive to secure the various layers of veneers accounts for its moisture resistance.

Examples of waterproof plywood include plywood made of boiling waterproof (BWP) and phenol bonded (PF) materials. They are unaffected by direct contact with water and are often used in kitchen and bathroom furniture that comes in contact with water on a constant basis.

What Are the Key Features of MR Grade Ply?

Apart from its resistance to humidity and moisture, MR grade is preferred for a variety of other reasons. Some of which include:

  • Resistance to borers and termites 
  • Uniform strength 
  • Availability in larger sizes, densities and quality
  • Availability in different varieties e.g. Flexi ply 
  • Lightweight 
  • Strong bonding and wrap free 
  • High screw holding strength

Where Can MR Grade Ply Be Used? 

With features such as dimensional stability, durability, and strength, it is a popular choice in a variety of settings. They are used一 

  •  In interior designing of homes to create artistic designs 
  •  As a substitute for cement, synthetic paints, tiles, metals, etc.
  •  In furniture like tables, cupboards, wardrobes, etc for office and homes

MR Grade Plywood Price

The cost of the MR plywood varies depending on the type of wood and thickness of the board. It is also important to note that these prices are based on market rates and can change. 

If you are looking to buy plywood for office/home furniture and would like to know MR grade plywood specifications and price, reach out to a representative at AK Group’s Apple Plywood and we’ll get you all the information you need. 

Now that you have a better understanding of what the MR in plywood means, remember to consider the most important factor before making your purchase – the ISI mark. Verify the ISI mark on the plywood by writing down the CM/L number beneath the mark and entering it into the Bureau of Indian Standards’ website. If the number matches that of the manufacturer, your plywood is authentic! 

MR grade plywood manufacturers like AK Plywood offer you the best quality plywood with ISI mark and FSC certifications that verify their authenticity and responsible production. Get a free quotation now!

Dr Prashanth MA
Dr Prashanth MA
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