When you think of wood, you probably think of a stiff and rigid material that is used to build strong and cosy buildings. But, alas, there are always surprises in this fast-changing world! 
As the name suggests, flexible plywood is wood that’s extremely flexible. In other words, 一 bendy. It is also known as Flexi Ply and can be bent into curved shapes easily. Since it has no bending or rolling resistance it can be twisted or curved into any shape without losing strength or stability. Unlike regular plywood, Flexi Plywood doesn’t chip, crack, or peel when it’s bent or twisted. To learn more about this exciting piece of wood, let’s take a look at how Flexible Plywood is made.

How Is Flexible Plywood Made?

The same method is used to make flexible plywood as it is for regular plywood. Flexible plywood is glued together and holds several thin wooden layers together. To increase the rigidity of regular plywood, the grains of each layer are pressed in a perpendicular direction.

However, it is necessary for flexible plywood to be thick in order for it to fold easily. It is not made thin to make sure that it doesn’t become weak and easily break while turning. Hence, the thickness of the flexible plywood is approximately 3, 5, 7, and 12 mm. The quality of the wood also plays a role in the properties of Flexi Ply. AK/Apple plywood manufactures Flexi ply with Keruing veneers- one of the latest engineered products based on wood and also hailed as an architects’ dream product.

Advantages and Uses of Flexi Plywood 

Besides its flexibility and dimensional stability Flexi ply displays other merits which include: 

  • Withstanding normal wear and tear as well as minor scratches. As a result, this type of plywood lasts a long time and has a high degree of durability
  • Giving shape to new furniture concepts with minimal effort, resulting in a diverse range of furniture styles
  • Its flexibility and ease of use make the carpenter’s work simple and quick, which would otherwise be difficult and time-consuming
  • Gives furniture a smooth and seamless edge as well as a single sheet look and feel
  • Bending, fabricating, and laminating of Flexi ply do not require any special equipment

All of these advantages and properties make it an ideal fit for low-budget projects. Some of the flexible plywood furniture include: 

  • Wood design
  • Decorative furniture 
  • Doors and Stairs
  • Springs
  • Television units
  • Benches
  • Rocking chairs, curved sofas, round coffee tables etc. 

Now that you know that Flexi ply/bendy plywood is a very long-lasting and useful product, make use of its unique properties to create unique crafts! If you need flexible plywood for an architectural decoration project or wood design, contact us and we’ll provide you with the best quality Flexi Ply made from 100% gurjan wood. 

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