PVC Foam Board has built a reputation for itself as it is extensively used in all types of construction AND furniture crafting activities. But how much do you really know about this product? How do you find the best PVC Foam Board manufacturer in India? To get the quality that you are paying and hoping for? If these are the same questions on your mind, let’s get started with this complete guide on PVC Foam Boards.

What is a PVC Foam Board?

PVC Foam Board is a worthy and cost-effective alternative to timber, aluminium materials, and multi-board. It is made from plastic using the chemical compound Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC). This compound is used in furniture and buildings. It is lightweight and  moisture/ corrosion-resistant. It has better physical properties when compared to other forms of similar density foam boards, thanks to its chemical composition. 

It is suitable for furniture, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, etc. They can also be formulated into different versions with increased rigidity or ductility. Due to its wide range of features and properties, it is preferred over other materials for the same functionalities. 

What is PVC Foam Board used for?

·        Building Materials

·        Outdoor Infrastructure

·        Transport and Logistics

·        PVC Foam Board Kitchen Cabinets           

·        Cars, Buses, Trains Ceilings

·        Partition Boards, Interior Panels, Decorative Panels

·        PVC Foam Board Furniture and Bathroom Vanity

·        Residential and Commercial Construction Materials

·        Advertising, Sign Displaying, Computer Lettering Boards

·        Anti-Corrosion In The Chemical Industry

·        Humid and Moisture Environment Construction

Advantages of PVC Foam Board

·        Strong and durable

·        Lightweight

·        Easy to process

·        Non-Toxic

·        Fire-Resistant

·        Water-Resistant

·        Anti-Corrosion

·        Soundproof

·        Electrical Insulation

Frequently Asked Questions

How strong are PVC Foam Boards? 

PVC Foam Boards are highly strong and durable because of the core structure of their component molecules. This ensures the PVC Foam Board does not undergo any warping. The durability of these boards can live up to 4 decades without any damage. High resistance, decent mechanical strength, and durability are its main engineering advantages for extensive use in building and construction applications.

Is PVC Foam Board waterproof?              

Yes! PVC foam board is moisture and corrosion resistant. 

Is PVC Foam fire-resistant?

Yes! They are highly resistant to fire.

Where can I find the best Indian Manufacturer of PVC Foam Board?
Right here!

Is the PVC board hard?
The high-density nature of this material also ensures that there’ll never be any surface cracks or breaking while using medium-density fibreboard, giving this product more longevity when compared with wood or other materials.

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