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Guess what? You can now apply for a warranty claim on your plywood product online! Just fill the product information form below and we’ll reach out to you as soon as possible.
Note: Please read the terms and conditions below to ensure the eligibility of your claim.
General terms and conditions of the warranty:
  1. The purchase of AK/Apple ply products must be registered with the company within one month from the date of purchase on our website www.appleplywoods.com.
  2. AK/Apple ply products are 100% chemically treated and protected against borers and the warranty claim stands against any such attack from borers.
  3. Customer has to lodge his complaint about defects/damages of the product on the AK/Apple Plywoods website (www.appleplywoods.com) as mentioned above. After entering purchase details customer also has to produce an original invoice.
  4. Upon receipt of the complaint our authorized representative will be sent for physical inspection of the allegedly damaged product at the place where it is in use.
  5. Samples will be drawn and sent either to our laboratory or another reputed laboratory for testing.
  6. Warranty is not applicable in cases of plywood or furniture being kept on ‘Kucha flooring’, kept in close proximity to water, high-moisture environments, or other similar contingencies & a severely pest infected environment. Bad workmanship, evidence of inappropriate use of cutting and finishing tools shall also void the warranty.
  7. Warranty is not applicable if AK/Apple ply products are used with any other brand of Plywood/Panels products or untreated timber for furnishing, construction, or fabrications.
  8. This warranty does not cover termites unless a certificate is produced by an approved agent who conducted the Pest Control treatment of the building before the purchase of the AK/Apple ply products. (Note: Warranty against termite is applicable to Platinum Plus+ and Platinum grades only)
  9. Warranty does not extend to damages from causes such as floods, earthquakes, fire, or in the event of a force majeure.
  10. The warranty automatically terminates at the end of the warranty period of the specified product, even in case of the plywood or other wood panels not being in use during the specified period.
  11. Claims, if any, to this warranty shall be made before courts having jurisdiction in Mangaluru only.
  12. On satisfactory proof of the alleged product being affected, AK/Apple Ply shall make a replacement with the labour costs or repairs being the same, as per the condition mentioned above for various product ranges.

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