There are many types of wood out there, but the mention ‘oak’ once and you will see that it is ane extremely popular one. It is available in many shades – in red and white- and it is also hard and resilient. This versatile option can be used make furniture as well as flooring. It possesses a unique grain pattern that makes it a really good choice for interiors

Cedar is an excellent wood with a vintage aesthetic. It is quite proficient when it comes the construction of furniture as well in the field of wall cladding. This is a hardwood which has a dark tone thus lending itself perfect for traditional and classic interiors. However, some interior designers can mould it perfectly with modern and contemporary style interiors. Naturally, it has a sweet aroma which makes it have a outdoor ambience when installed.

Another extremely popular option for many, pine suits the needs of interior design perfectly. It’s easily available, is pleasant to look at and can be attained on a budget too. It costs 50% less than other hardwood. It does a emit a faint yet distinctive pleasant aroma and fits well with contemporary and modern style interiors. It’s quite light, but sturdy, and it has a wide grain – easy to work with.

It is a wood which comes in colours that can range from dark chocolate to the lighter pale browns. Sometimes it can have reddish, purple of even grey castings. It is a decay- resistant wood which does require treatment from termites though. It is perfect furnitures, interior wall paneling, cabinetry and turned objects. It lends a quite sophisticated look to the interior spaces and is very widely used in various installations.

This comes in many different variation including the classic American Cherry and the Black cherry. It’s distinct look and straight grain makes it a pleasure to work with. It’s hard and quite resistant to decay. It is perfect for interior and semi-enclosed setting like balconies, terraces, covered decks and patios. It machines quite well while also having a pleasant scent. It is perfect for making fine furniture, tuned objects, interior millwork, and cabinetry.

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