Furniture completes your house. The spacious wardrobe, beautiful dining table, sturdy work table, comfortable sofa and cozy bed — all of these wooden furniture items make your house a ‘home’. But termites can be their silent destroyers! And by the time you notice these tiny creatures, they may have caused enough damage.

Is there a way out? Can you protect your furniture from termites? Is having termite-free furniture possible? Thankfully, yes! Read on to know how, and also understand what is termite proofing.

Keep Moisture Off Your Furniture

Termites love humid conditions and dark areas. Don’t you think prevention is better than cure? Keep your rooms well ventilated — so that some sunlight falls on your furniture. If you see moisture or water on any of your furniture items, ensure to wipe or dry it with a dry microfiber cloth. Don’t let water seep into it.

Prevent Contact With Soil

Termites in plywood usually come from outside the house. Any contact with soil acts as a direct pathway, and can allow termites to bore straight into wooden furniture. That’s why, avoid keeping it directly on the mud or grass in your garden, or directly on any kind of soil. Place your furniture on a tiled or concrete floor or base. 

Use Boric Acid or Aloe Vera Juice

Boric acid is a common treatment used to control termites on furniture. Make a solution mix using 1 teaspoon (tsp) of borax in 250 millilitres (ml) of hot water, and spray it using a bottle wherever necessary. Or use it as a coating on the wooden furniture. You could also use natural aloe vera juice — not processed or chemically treated but extracted straight from the plant. Soak the mass in water, then apply it as a coating onto the wooden furniture to prevent the termites from attacking your furniture.

Get Furniture Made of Termite Proof Plywood

This is one of the simplest and preemptive ways to keep termites away from your wooden furniture! 

To save your time and money, purchase furniture that is made of termite proof plywood. Termite proof wardrobes and even termite resistant flooring are budget-friendly options as well as worthwhile investments! This is also immensely beneficial if your furniture has been affected by termite attacks in the past or the area you live in attracts termites. 

Some Advantages — Why You Should Use Termite-Proof Plywood for Furniture

  • Increased product longevity: Termite-proof plywood of high-quality gives you termite-proof furniture. Meaning the rich texture and premium quality of your furniture lasts for a longer time and you get to use them for longer!
  • Reduced repairs and replacements: As we said earlier, you may notice termites only after noticing the damage they’ve created. Why would you want to incur piling costs of repair and replacement of your furniture? Make a smart financial move, invest in termite-proof plywood for furniture to avoid or reduce costs.
  • Water-resistant furniture: Termite-proof plywood is usually water-resistant plywood as well. And while water-resistant furniture has many benefits, no moisture also means no termites! This will keep your furniture safe, and your interiors charming. 

So get ready to make your home a termite-free zone! If you’re an interior decorator or an architect, now you know why you should suggest termite-proof plywood and termite-proof furniture to your clients! Are you looking for high-quality plywood from a trusted and reputed manufacturer in India? Reach out to our expert team at AK Group’s Apple Plywood. Or get a free quotation now! Over the years, we have worked on a diverse list of projects for some highly regarded clients. You can view our work here.


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