Wood is an excellent material for furniture production.  However, there are many sorts of wood to be aware of while building furniture for Indian houses. As a result, it is critical that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of various varieties of wood, as well as the maintenance precautions that owners must take when acquiring them.

When it comes to choosing wood for indoor furniture 一 it is important that you choose the right wood for the right place. Whether you’re crafting a coffee table, a dining room table, a chest of drawers, a cabinet, a bed frame, a tabletop, etc. knowing the best types of wood to use for furniture is crucial.

Plywood and solid wood are two types of wood you can look into when building furniture. When deciding between the two, there are various aspects to consider, the most essential of which is whether plywood is as robust as solid wood and whether investing in solid wood furniture is worthwhile.


Plywood is a very versatile and highly useful material that is made by using layers of wood veneer sheets. Because of the use of these thin layers of sheets, it is considered a very flexible and strong solution. In simple words, plywood is a type of wooden panel that is made by gluing and stacking many thin layers of wood veneers with each other.

Solid Wood: 

On the other hand, solid wood is a naturally occurring type of wood. They are harvested from trees and used to construct furniture. Solid wood comes in a variety of types, including teak, oak, mahogany, cherry, and so on.

To put it simply, plywood is made in a specific way, whereas solid wood is just used as it is. Therefore, plywood has the advantage of several factors which include flexibility, workability, environmental concerns, etc.

The Difference Between Plywood and Solid Wood 

The most widely used materials for interior work, furniture, kitchen cabinets, decks, facades, and ceilings are plywood and natural wood. Both of these materials are extremely strong, as well as adaptable. But some major factors set them apart. 

  Plywood  Solid wood
Stability  Plywood has the ability to maintain its straightness and flatness over time. This is referred to as dimension stability. The grains of adjacent veneers are perpendicular to one another. As a result, unlike solid wood, plywood’s strength in both directions is quite stable. The strength of solid wood is substantially lower in the perpendicular direction than in the parallel direction. Over time, a solid wood panel can easily bend or distort. Moisture content varies greatly between the surface and core of wood. This also generates an imbalance of power inside and out.
Shrinkage As a result of the cross-layered arrangement of veneers, plywood does not shrink. Solid wood shrinks across grains.
Appearance Plywood isn’t a particularly attractive material. They have to be faced with decorative veneers to give them a wooden appearance. In solid wood, the natural grains gives a classyand elegant look that never canbe matched with any other material.
Durability Plywood of good quality such as the waterproof grade is better than the commercial MR grade plywood. And Marine grade plywood is even better than the two of them. Better the plywood, the longer it lasts. Solid wood’s durability is determined by the type of wood used. Hardwoods such as teak or Sheesham are more durable and stronger than softwoods like mango or pine
Flexibility Plywood can be bent easily.  It is very difficult to bend solid wood.
Cost Plywood is affordable and comes in a variety of ranges to fit your budget and needs, and it is readily available. When compared to plywood, good grade solid wood is relatively expensive. Due to deforestation and environmental concerns, the use of wood is becoming increasingly limited.

The biggest downside of buying solid wood is its high cost, limited design alternatives, and high labour charges among other things. Plywood on the other hand is easily accessible, can be customized to meet any customer’s needs, and is inexpensive. In terms of flexibility, workability, and cost, plywood is superior.

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