Particle boards, often called as chip board, is a product that is made using residue of wood industry such as wooden chips, sawdust and sawmill shavings. A suitable binder such as synthetic resin is pressed firmly with a lot of heated compression to make the boards as well as sheets. The products – the furniture – are quite abundantly available and are relatively.

They are affordable compared to other timber products. These boards show the characteristic of being denser and more uniform than normal woof and plywood. It also has the advantage of being able to be painted on or applied with veneer. The density of the particle board does not make it heavier, it is far lighter than hardboard and MDF wood. TV cabinets, desks, table tops are often the products that are made of particle boards. These materials are often easy to transport across places because they are light in weight despite the density.

Another great thing about the particle board is the fact that they are perfect to make custom furniture. The process itself is automated and the required for carpentry is minimal. Particle boards are actually renewable than other types of furniture and these furnitures wont swell and does not have any natural defects – it sis well insulated and soundproof.

Although, if you’re intend on purchasing, it is only fair that we warn you about the certain defects it possesses.

– The strength of particle board furnitures are much less compared to the ones made from other grades of wood

– It is disadvantages to moisture and humidity so the lifetime of a particle board furniture is relatively low

– They are not as eco friendly as solid wood furnitures

This being said, having the base for furnitures are still a great solution for many other reasons and it is remarkable pleasing to the eyes as well.

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