With many different types of wood to choose from, it can get a bit too much to select a particularone for your furniture. Well, here are some design tips that you can use which will help you match the selection of wood with your style so that the visual impact is amplified.

There are some rules you can follow to help you. If you re having a small sized rooms, then it is wiser to use lighter woods – pine or maple – so that the space becomes larger. Another tip for those who want to create a bit of drama with wooden furniture is to use a darker shade that has red undertones. The most conspicuous appearance of dark brown rosewood will make any decor stand out while a deep red mahogany will be a beauty centre of the room.

A general rule that you should keep in mind is to have the tone in line with the colour palette you’ve chosen. There are various light and dark woods which used without knowledge can make the room messy. If the decor you’re having is already featuring a wide spectrum of colours then it is better to stick to limited tones. However, if you do want to use a wide range of wood tones, then make the colour palette of your decor more subdued.

It is good to keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to match all the wood thats in your room. However, it is wise to ensure that the larger furnitures are having the same wood tone, blending the different grains and undertones so that appearance is stunning. You can make a dark coloured furniture contrast with lighter wooden floors; similarly mix light woods to warm ones to make the look natural and rustic.

If you’re planning to use darker woods in a lighter toned room, then you can make it softer if you were to use a subtle coloured rug which will tie the piece in. All kinds of upholstery can be used to mimic the wooden tone and have a mismatched wooden furniture work in the room. For example, if the wood that’s in a room is dark mahogany, then a airy beech piece will surely be out of place; this means you should add a warm yellow that is lighter in nature in the form of furnishing as well as drapery to make the space visually appealing

The last advice in this article: you can use finishing pieces with accent colouring to tie up a mixture of wooden finishes. If you are having a really dark walnut table placed next to an oak dressers, the it is quite a challenging thing to pull off. A solution is to choose an accent color. In this case, you can choose a royal blue or burgundy while using accessories such as vases, table lamps, or even floral arrangements to bridge the pieces together.

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