Wood is the most preferred material for interior furnishings. Nothing compares to the look, feel, and craftsmanship of woodwork. The improved technology of HDHMR boards further enhances the advantages. 

High-density, high-moisture resistance (HDHMR) boards transform the interiors and improve their strength and durability. Before we list the various ways you can utilise these boards for impeccable interiors, let’s look at some of their properties.

What Is the HDHMR Board? 

HDHMR boards are engineered wood products utilised for several construction and renovation purposes. They develop hardness and durability primarily due to their manufacturing process. Wood fibers and resins are subjected to extreme pressure and temperature to compress them and form HDHMR boards.  

Properties of HDHMR Board 

There are various reasons why the HDHMR board has become one of the favorite materials of esteemed interior designers. Following are some of the properties of the HDHMR board.

1. Low Maintenance 

With this era’s fast pace of life, commercial and residential properties require low-maintenance furniture. HDHMR boards can be easily cleaned with the help of a damp cloth and warm water. They are also an ideal furniture material option for families with pets since they are scratch-resistant. 

2. Termite Proof 

We are often asked, ‘Is HDHMR board termite-proof?’. The answer is yes. Termite colonies thrive in wood, which is damp and rotting. As the name suggests, the ‘High-Density High Moisture Resistant’ board is susceptible to moisture. 

Moreover, during its manufacturing process, the pressing technique, the minute pieces of wood shavings are removed. This increased density transforms it into a termite-proof material.  

3. Water Resistant 

HDHMR boards are the ideal option for areas that are exposed to moisture. They are also an ideal choice for homes and offices in locations with high humidity. The unique adhesive used in its manufacturing ensures low to no moisture absorption in these boards. 

4. Better Than Plywood 

It is important to note that HDHMR boards fare better than plywood. Ordinary plywood is non-uniform, having a low density of 600 kg/m3. HDHMR board, on the other hand, is highly uniform and has a density of over 850 kg/m3.

The density factor plays a major role in deciding the resistance to water and termites. Hence, HDHMR boards make for better interior design and renovation materials.

6 Ways You Can Use HDHMR Boards

Now that we know the advantages of HDHMR boards, let’s dive into some key places where these boards can be used for interior design and renovation.

1. Wardrobes 

Wardrobes are home for our clothing and, at times, important stuff like documents. This makes it essential to make our wardrobes termite-free and fire-resistant. HDHMR boards possess both of these qualities. These boards also make it easier to include all the intricacies of designing the wardrobes to your liking. 

2. Kitchen Cabinets 

Since HDHMR boards are one of the best materials for resisting water, they make an ideal choice for kitchen cabinets. You will no longer have to worry about storing wet utensils or the dampness in your kitchen. This also improves the overall hygiene of your kitchen.

3. Doors 

HDHMR boards are less prone to swelling, warping, or chipping lamination. These factors must be considered while designing your doors since they are the woodwork most subjected to extreme weather conditions. Since HDHMR boards are denser than other materials, they are best utilized in building doors.

4. Partitions 

Be it office cubicles or turning a space into a multipurpose utility, partitions play an important role. HDHMR boards, being strategically placed, can provide the much-needed privacy. Since they are sturdy, water-resistant, and sturdy, they are the best choice for any renovation project.

5. Outdoor fixtures 

The special glue used to manufacture the HDHMR boards makes them suitable for Indian weather conditions. Hence, they can be used in outdoor fixtures and furniture without worrying about the scorching sun, heavy rains, or cold waves. 


6. Industry Specific Uses: Cafeterias, Hospitals, and Gym

One of the key applications of HDHMR boards is in public spaces. Cafes, hospitals, and gyms see an influx of people throughout the day and even at night. These places also see the use of water across the clock. 

The water and fire resistance, sturdiness, cost-effectiveness, and easy workability of HDHMR boards are making them increasingly popular in these industries.  

Create Durable Furniture With AK Apple Ply 

With HDHMR boards gaining popularity, commercial plywood manufacturers are working consistently to satisfy the demand. If you are planning the interiors of your new home/office or plan to renovate the existing one, consider buying HDHMR boards from the best plywood company

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