Fire accidents pose fatal consequences of property damage and loss of life. Buildings and homes necessarily contain combustible materials and electrical appliances to ease our work, but they can also be a reason for fire accidents.

It becomes crucial to undertake as much preventive care as possible to avoid homes becoming ashes. The fire-rated plywood by AK Apple Ply ensures the maximum safety of life and property. This blog comprehensively explains all you need to know about countering this threat using fire-rated plywood.

What Is Fire Rated Plywood? 

Fire-rated plywood also goes by the name of fire retardant plywood. It is prepared from a specially treated material called fire retardant chemicals that can withstand fire. The treatment slows down the naturally occurring affinity of wood to burn. This lowers the risk of fire outbreaks and offers enough time to flee in extreme cases. 

Hence, discussing the usage of this plywood when planning a construction project is crucial. It provides clarity on the safety prospects of the building and also ensures that the fire-rated plywood cost stays within the budget.

How Is Fire Rated Plywood Manufactured? 

In India, the document IS:5509 outlines the guidelines for manufacturing fire-rated plywood. It states that the rate of combustion of plywood must be more than 20 minutes, and the flames must not penetrate the plywood before 30 minutes. 

Our manufacturing process adheres strictly to these guidelines. The plywood is treated with fire-resistant chemicals designed to prevent the plywood from catching fire. They also inhibit the spread of flames, slowing down the catastrophe of a fire accident.

Before these plywoods enter the market, they undergo rigorous testing to ensure they fall under the guidelines of fire rating for plywood

Fire Rated V/S Fire Proof Plywood 

Many people wonder whether there is any difference between fire-rated and fire-proof plywood. Simply put, yes, they are different kinds of plywood.

A fire-rated plywood is manufactured such that it resists catching fire. However, on being exposed to fire for a long duration, it can burn. A fireproof plyboard, on the other hand, can withstand fire without igniting or leading to the spread of flames.

Due to this basic difference, fire-rated plywood is cheaper than fire-proof plywood. Hence, fire-rated plywood becomes a cost-effective solution where fire resistance is needed. It provides ample time to take necessary safety measures to save lives and property. 

What Are the Benefits of Fire-Rated Plywood?

The Fire-rated plywood has several benefits, making it a popular choice amongst industry professionals. Here are a few of them.

1. Safety 

The manufacturing process of fire-rated plywood infuses nano-engineered particles into it. Such particles inhibit the plywood from burning for quite a long duration. This ability of fire-rated plywood limits people’s injuries and damage to buildings.

2. Versatility and Durability 

Fire-rate plywood can be utilised to construct various building elements like roofs, partitions, floors, and even ceilings. They can even be used outdoors or in crafting furniture. It resists chipping, cracking, and bending. Such durability makes it a preferred choice for structures set to face adverse weather conditions.

3. Moisture Resistance 

The fire-rated plywood undergoes rigorous testing measures, including boiling and cycling tests. These measures also enhance their moisture resistance. Since the fire-rated plywood doesn’t absorb moisture, termites do not affect them. AK Apple Ply’s fire-rated plywood is also treated with insect-repelling chemicals. 

Where To Use Fire-Rated Plywood? 

Fire-rated plywood can be used in various parts of any building. Whether for interiors, exteriors, or elements like furniture, fire-rated plywood is a good choice. The top-grade FR-graded plywood is often purchased for railings, sidings, decks, staircases, and balconies. Contractors evaluate the fire retardant plywood price as a routine step to ensure construction meets safety standards without overspending. 

Fire retardant plywood manufacturers often supply this material for roof construction, panelling, load-bearing, shingling, and millwork. Given its properties of resisting fire and moisture, it is considered a long-term architectural investment. 

Thus, it is extensively used in public places like schools, government buildings, malls, hospitals and other areas with many visitors.

Why Fire-Rated Plywood Is a Game-Changer for Your Projects? 

Fire-rated plywood has proven to be the need of the hour. A good design and architecture project cannot be called ‘complete’ without considering the safety of its tenants. In the ever-evolving field of construction and design, professionals must assess the trade-off between safety and overall project expenditure, considering how fire retardant plywood price aligns with the budget. 

Consider the affordable fire-retardant plywood manufactured by AK Apple Ply, which guarantees minimal spark and ignition, low flammability, and high flame penetration time. Our certified fire-rated plywood guarantees safety and affordability for all design endeavours. Explore the wide range of fire-retardant plywood options on our website to ensure your next project is fire proof.

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