Shuttering is a construction method that involves pouring concrete into a temporary mould to get the desired structural shape. Shuttering can be made of steel, glass fibre reinforced plastics, and other materials that include wood. 

Shuttering plywood is a term that is frequently heard in the construction industry. It is designed to prevent concrete from leaking through the mould and is made the same way as any other plywood or wooden panel, with thin veneers laid on top of each other and cemented together. These veneers are put so that their grains are perpendicular to each other. 

It is crucial to note that to maintain the necessary strength of shuttering plywood, it must be carefully and precisely designed. AK/Apple’s film faced shuttering ply is produced in a high-pressure hot press and phenol-formaldehyde resin (BWP grade) to get the highest quality product.

Shuttering Plywood is usually made from softwood, which makes it incredibly lightweight and robust. Although it is not designed with aesthetic considerations, the face of the wood can be softly coloured to give it a pinewood impression. It can be painted or varnished as needed. Because of its high resistance to humidity, it is also suited for applications where the climate is an issue.

Key Features of Shuttering Plywood  

Some key merits of using Shuttering plywood include:

  • It is dimensionally stable and lightweight
  • It is strong and rigid
  • It can serve as both a load-bearing structure and a stiffening material at the same time
  • By using standard woodworking tools, shuttering plywood is simple to machine and fasten
  • It can endure blows and various types of bruising
  • It is environment-friendly
  • Shuttering wood is water-resistant since it is used for outside applications
  • It has improved resistance to abrasion, swelling, shrinkage, moisture penetration, chemicals, insects, fungi and borers
  • It can be reused with a few precautions, which include being cleaned well and stored in a cool, dry area

Applications of Shuttering Wood 

The shuttering plywood uses vary, hence, it is employed in many different construction projects, some of which include:

  • The construction of dams, flyovers, bridges, tunnels, beams, roofing, etc.
  • Worksite offices, milk-booths, high altitude military houses
  • Bus bodies, railway coaches, stall and pavilions, sheds
  • Luggage racks, cooling towers, shipbuilding

AK/Apple plywood’s film faced shuttering plywood is a high-end construction product. This plywood is resistant to the corrosive action of cement, water, and sunshine, and the distortion that happens when exposed to the elements. With AK/Apple plywood manufacturers, you can choose shuttering plywood of varied thicknesses of 18mm (50kgs), 12mm (34kgs), or 12mm( 30kgs). 

So for your next big project, get your shuttering plywood from the best shuttering plywood manufacturers in India 一 AK/ Apple Plywood. Get in touch with our representatives to get a free quotation now!

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