AK/Apple Solid Precarved Door

AK/Apple Solid Pre Carved Doors have high quality HDF skin, having high density and resistance to water. CNC routed with multiple designs to choose from, with primer or white coloured doors which allow painting and polishing as per the room interiors strong screw holding capacity is high due to high density European Pinewood frames giving them higher strength and durability.
Imported CNC router are used crave each design. Glue Line Protection (GLP), making it termite and borer resistant. Solid Pre carved doors come in a range of collection, crafted and designed to have instant appeal. And the best part is that we will make sure you are getting the right option for your home or office, your location and for your budget.
  • Panel sizes A range of sizes are available according to customer needs.
  • Thickness Common thickness range from 25mm to 45mm.
  • Bond/Adhesive Phenol formaldehyde (PF) for weather and Boil Water Proof (BWP) and low formaldehyde formulation for compliance to emission level requirements such as E1.

1) Dimensional stable core signifying enhanced strength and extra durability.
2) Its frames provide strength for fitting of hinges and anti deviation resistance.
3) Chemically treated to resist borer and termite attack.
4) Kiln dried to resist moisture, warping and to avoid twisting.
5) Manufactured to suit local climate and ready onto fix doors.
6) Excellent strength, stiffness impact resistance
7) Unique dimension stability
8) Superior finish.